Saturday, November 6, 2010

Estee Lauder Christmas blockbuster 2010

Well its an overcast Saturday afternoon in Sydney, it's too cool outside to go out, and I'm feeling a little lazy after a late night out last night.

I have finally gotten around to setting up a Blog page for all my DIY makeup adventures, and I'm lying here listening to Hubby and DS ( dear son ) playing Lego, and watching the fish swimming peacefully in the aquarium and drawing a complete blank about what to make my first blog post about.

An hour later and I'm still blank....

Eventually an idea hit me and thought I'd showcase this years Estee Lauder blockbuster (2010) that I picked up a few weeks ago.

The Estee Lauder blockbusters are released every year a couple of months before Christmas, they are an added buy with purchase release, this year they are $120 AUD with the purchase of any 50ml perfume, although the lovely lady at my local counter allowed me to purchase a Double wear foundation instead of the perfume and pick up the blockbuster with it.

They are a complete kit including and eyeshadow palette, a blush palette, some brushes, 3 eye liners, a makeup remover, 4 lipsticks, a double ended lip gloss and a couple of makeup cases and a mirror.  In this years edition the eyeshadow palette includes 18 colours and the blush palette has 3 blushes and one bronzer.  As always the little applicators included with the palettes are pretty useless, but the blockbuster includes a couple of nice eyeshadow brushes that apply the colours nicely.

The colours this year are nice soft muted colours that are perfect for a coloured take on a smokey eye look. They apply nicely, blend easily and stay on all day even without the use of an eyeshadow primer.

 and now for the swatches from the palette : D

top row - ivory slipper  (10), silver bell (48), tranquil moon ( 13), smokey ember  (07), candy crave (66), polished platinum (43)
middle row- enchanted forest (71), hot cinnamon (35), peacock blue (73), sugar biscuit (60), amethyst spark (09), french vanilla (65)
bottom row - wild sable (04), nude fresco (47), berry burst (23), safari green (44), tempting mocha (63), provocative plum (14)
As you can see the colours are really pretty, these were all swatched dry over lip balm, so they do appear more muted on the eyelids, but you can still get nice strong colours out of them by applying over an eye primer.

Now for the blush palette!

blush swatches - 1. nude rose (11),  2. rosewood (13), 3. pink kiss (02), 4. soft matte bronzer (01)

The colours in the blush palette are exactly the same as last years blockbuster with the addition of pink kiss making it a 4 colour palette instead, so you could easily get away with giving away one of the blush palettes as a gift if you had both blockbusters.

Since getting my hands on this years blockbuster I have totally fallen for the Estee Lauder Eye shadows and blushes and love the colours included and how easily they apply and last.  Its well worth getting, especially seeing as you can split up the kit and give any items you don't need away as Christmas or birthday gifts that anyone would love to receive.

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