Welcome to RitualEyes blogspot

Hi Beauties, I am a hopeless cosmetics junkie, whose love of my daily ritual of putting my face and eyes on in the morning has led me to another love of creating and mixing colours and making my own eyeshadows and foundations. I have a 20 year background in hairdressing and all that comes with it, and extensive experience in colour mixing and theory, which is where my love of mixing colours to make my own individual creations stems from.
This Blog will be dedicaated to the creation behind the colours I'm making, where the ideas from the colours and names came from, and from time to time reviews on products I have purchased. My eyeshadows are mainly mineral based, although there is the odd lab enhanced colour in there just to add a bit of extra interest or oompf to some items. I try to keep to natural based ingredients and avoid nasty stuff : ) however some of the shadow contain chromium oxide green, but that will be reformulated when those shadows are gone or used up, and some may contain carmine, so I suggest just taking a minute to scan down the ingredients listings to make sure you are happy with what you are looking at. I can be emailed if you see anything you are interested in, and from time to time I'll add new colours or run mini competitions, so keep watching! xoxox michelle xoxoxoxo email address ritualeyes@gmail.com