Monday, November 8, 2010

Estee Lauder Christmas blockbuster 2009

After posting about this years Christmas blockbuster, I decided to add last years
( 2009 ) Estee Lauder Christmas blockbuster,  I've done this so you can see the difference between the Christmas blockbuster every year. The main packaging was very similar to the 2010 one except that the Large hard case it came in was red.  The brushes included were very similar but had the Estee Lauder blue handles as did the palettes.

The palettes themselves were different in colour, the 2009 Christmas blockbuster had more neutral/pink/red toned with one rather random green thrown into the mix. There was 15 shades as opposed to 18 in the 2010 one, and only 2 blushes and one bronzer.  2 of the lipsticks were repeated colours, and the other 2 were much more pink based ones.
closed palettes
open eyeshadow palette

top row - sugar cube (30), ivory box (10), honey drop (47), sage duo (04)
middle row - lavender (81), chocolate (38), tea biscuit (60), copper penny (54), petal (85)
bottom row - mulberry (78), pale moon (13), cinnamon (35), apricot (82), mocha cup (63)
As always they are the same superb quality, variety of finishes and gorgeous colours you would expect from a brand such as Estee Lauder.

blush palette 2009
blushes - rosewood (13), nude rose (11), soft matte bronzer (01)

The 3 blushes in this palette were repeated in the 2010 one with the addition of one pink one, making the 2010 one a 4 colour palette.

The eyeshadow palettes are very different colour schemes over the years, and I cant wait to see what Estee Lauder release in the way of colours for the 2011 Christmas blockbuster.

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