Thursday, November 25, 2010

Konad Nails - new haul

Just a quick note to tell you all my new Konad stuff arrived, direct from the Konad nail stamping site.  Shipping took about 16 days, and as usual I love all things Konad!!!!

Here's a peek at what I got, please excuse the fact that I took the images of the plates I ordered direct from the Konad book, as those darn plates and the reflections on them, make them impossible to photograph.

I got the konad image plate book, which has all the first series of plates from M1 through to M82, with the plate image and coloured pictures of ideas on how to use the images off the plate............LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! (RRP US $26.90 )

I also ordered plates M57,M59, M60, M70 and M71. The plates retail at US $6.50 each on the Konad site, but the more you order the bigger the discount you get from them.  I believe the shipping for the lot came in around US $7.
Plus this afternoon I got a surprise parcel in the mail from a friend... you know who you are... Thank you : ), and in that was the aftermarket Faux konad plate with the Hello Kitty design on it.

I'm dying to have some konad'ing fun!


gingerSnaps said...

Addicted to Konad also. I am following you.

RitualEyes said...

Thank you :D

Konad is so much fun, plain nails just look boring now.

Anonymous said...

I'm think I will by the book, but I am not understanding. :)

Is there 82 plates? How many plates is it?
I am stupid, but the plates will go to take off the book right? :o

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

it's just a look book, right?
so the costumers of konad coud see the patterns? :o