Sunday, November 28, 2010

NYX Cosmetics - Bronze goddess palette

A few months ago, I came across the Bronze Goddess Palette on the NYX cosmetics website. I instantly sell in love with it. Sadly NYX doesn't ship to Australia, nor do we have any really good retailers here that stock a comprehensive range, the Gloss stores stock some NYX products, but the range is small and limited.

I turned to my trusted NYX seller on EBay  Joys cosmetics and sure enough she had it. I believe I paid $29.95 USD plus $12.95 shipping.  Joys cosmetics on eBay has an amazing NYX range, she has awesome customer service and her products ship from the US to me here in Sydney in 7 days normally!

The bronze goddess box is a gorgeous bronze colored 3 layer box/set.
Top layer - eye shadows
2nd layer - bronzers
3rd layer - lip colours

It includes 12 eye shadows, 3 of those are clear gel based with glitter, 1 blush, 6 bronzers, 5 lip colours , applicator brushes and built in mirror. The colours are all based around bronze tones, and apply beautifully and last all day. NYX makes amazing quality products at a really affordable price, and the quality of the bronze goddess box is just as you come to expect from NYX, the lip colours in the set are not your usual tinted lip glosses but much more like lipsticks with a gloss consistency, they are really pigmented and the colours actually show up well on the lips. The one blush in the set is a really pretty pink, which also makes a great pink eyeshadow. The bronzers are a range of depths, with some shimmers and some mattes.

The eye shadows are a small let down, there is only one lighter/highlight shade, with quite a few different toned bronzes and one darker plum/brown bronze, and the glitter eye shadows can't be applied over the basic eye shadows in the palette without the base colour coming off your lids, they do work well as a glitter eyeliners though.
eye shadows from the right side of palette, the pink is the blush

eye shadows left side of compact, plus glitters

2nd layer bronzers
3rd layer lip colours

Considering the price and the fact that it's an all in one you can throw quickly in an overnight or holiday travel bag, despite the limited shadow range it's still a great kit at a great price.

NYX..... Why oh why don't you ship to Australia?????


Unknown said...

Lovely I was hoping you would do a review on this one, drool, lol. Gorgeous pigmented colours, so typical of NYX, they can't do no wrong in my eyes :)

RitualEyes said...

:) I have had those pictures ready to review for a week or so, i just needed the time to blog it.

Is there anything else that you know I have that you would like to see?

Xoxox michelle xoxoxo

Unknown said...

hmmm how about that EL set you got recently from the EL Staff Shop :)

Unknown said...

Ooops forget that I forgot it has already been done, lol. Leave it with me and I will think of something, might just have to scrawl through some of the BH hauls to remember what I loved the looks of :)

RitualEyes said...

I love the Estee Lauder double wear creme shadows I picked up that day! Plus i got a stack of MAC and a Bobbi brown blush and lipgloss. Maybe I should do those soon and I have an 88 matte palette on the way.

I have so much stuff I almost dont know where to start.

Unknown said...

Yes they all sound good, oh and I know, I just thought of something, that concealer palette you got a while back, always wondered how you got on with that one too :)
I can imagine how mind boggling it all must be, I would love to do a blog but not enough hours in the day, haha. I do enough computer work with my job anyway so I would be kidding myself if I thought I could take on something else, lucky I enjoy reading some of my friends blogs though, so I can feed of these :)

RitualEyes said...

I'd never have thought to do the concealer palette, its actually pretty good. I might do it, as it was cheap as to buy.