Friday, September 28, 2012

Make up academy - Pretty Pastels

Hello again, it seems I'm on a bit of a MUA (make up academy ) roll ATM.  I'd better keep blogging away or I fall behind and run out of time as per usual.  Today it's the pretty pastels palette, which in regards to texture and payoff is the same as my initial MUA post which is here.

This time I'm just going to get straight into the pictures seeing as my feelings on MUA haven't changed at all.

pretty pastels


close up

And the swatches, as the name suggests these are all pale pastel colours, they are all pretty in their own right and great as inner corner tear duct area colours.

The top row

The bottom row

I really dig that purple at the end of the first row, so pretty!

Is anyone else thinking of rocking the pastels this spring?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Make up Academy - dusk till dawn

For a while Ive been a follower of MUA ( Make Up Academy ) on Fb.  MUA is a UK cosmetics brand that produces what looks like great quality, cheaper priced cosmetics and is sold in department and drug stores in the UK.  They often do really great GWP's ( gift with purchases ).  They recently started international shipping on their website, which I've been browsing on for a while, but unable to buy from due to the lack of shipping to Aus.

A couple of weeks ago a new GWP popped up in my FB news feed, which was spend 8 pounds and get the 24 colour Immaculate collection palette for free.  After a bit I settled on the Dusk to dawn palette and the Pretty pastels, it was close though and I almost got Poptastic as well  ( next gwp purchase maybe )

I've used Dusk till dawn a few times and been quite impressed with the quality, the shadows are soft and have good colour payoff, and easily last all day when being used over an eye primer.  The palette contains 12 colours, none of which have individual names or numbers and is 9.6 gms in total.  The palettes are 4lbs each, and with 2 palettes and shipping the whole order came to approx $23 Aud so factoring in the freebie, that 48 eyeshadows for 23 bucks.  Unbeatable!

Anyway onto the good stuff, Photos!



So as you can see, it's simple no fuss, no frills packaging that's effective, but kept simple in order to keep prices down.  It'd be nice to have an internal mirror but really who needs one anyway.

Top row
top row
Bottom row

There's some great colours in the palette but the only one I'm not really fussed on is the 2nd colour in the bottom row, the grey isn't quite as pigmented as the others and seems to have a lot of glitter fall out.

who else has tried MUA?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eye primers galore!

So awhile ago I did a post about the Nyx eye primers ( and I mean ages ago) which can be found here.  I seriously just in the last week finished using my first of the 3 pots, and that's with daily use, every single day, 15 months out of one pot, how brilliant is that... crazy that one pot can last that long.  In the meantime I managed to collect a few more eye primers that I wanted to try out.   How the hell do I manage to collect so many things???

Anyway these are the next on my primer hit list :)

As you can see I still have one NYX left, and I'm pretty sure the neutral one is lurking somewhere too.

I'll throw in some close ups just so you can see better what I managed to collect while waiting to finish the first NYX pot.

The NYX shimmer base

Essence I love stage base, this a fairly new cheapie brand to hit Priceline and Target stores in AU, I think it's priced around $3.50 AUD.

Too Faced shadow Insurance, this is one of my all time faves.  I think I have a tube somewhere in a blue version that was discontinued.

Then the Face of Australia bases in both matte

And shimmer, both of theses are available at Pricelines and Big W stores and I can't remember how much they were at the time.

I have no idea which one I plan on starting with.....

Do you hoard products too, then realise later you have stacks of the same kind of thing squirreled away?  Has anyone tried any of these and what do you think of them?