Tuesday, November 30, 2010

EOTD with Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place Shadowcreme

At the end of October I got to visit the Estee Lauder corporate store in Roseberry in Sydney. The corporate store is essentially a a staff store for the brands under the Estee Lauder chain, the most obvious of these other brands are Clinique, Bobbi Brown and MAC, there are others but they elude at the moment. To get into the corporate store you need either a guest pass or permanent pass, which they check at the door, the guest passes gets taken from you when you make a purchase and there is a maximum spending limit of $400 AUD per invitation.

I got so much stuff that day and I will try and get around to reviewing most of it, but today I'm looking at the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Shadowcreme. In the past I have had absolutely no luck with creme shadows, every single brand I have tried crease and smudge on me, but the Estee Lauder ones are amazing. These babies retail at $40 AUD each, and there is 5 colours listed on the Estee lauder site ( pink blush, antique gold, ivory lace, precious jade and vintage violet ) I picked up a pack of  3 in the corporate store for $20 AUD for the set BARGAIN, the colours in my set were Ivory Lace, Vintage Violet and Blue Velvet so they must have been selling out some discontinued colours.

I have to say I'm totally in love with these, they do not crease on smudge, when you apply them it takes a minute or so for them to set, then they do not budge, when I swatched them on my arm, I spent the whole day doing housework, then when I went to wash them off, regular water did not even remove them in the slightest, even makeup remover had to work hard to get them off. You can wear them as shadows in their own right as the colours are vibrant and very pretty, or they also make an excellent base to apply loose pigment shadows over.  Thumbs Up Estee Lauder, these are amazing!
vintage violet, blue velvet and ivory lace

Today I decided to do an EOTD ( eyes of the day ) with them to show how lovely they are.
On the whole lid I applied blue velvet all over, then in the corner and crease I used Vintage violet, and the inner corner/ tear duct and brow arch I applied Ivory lace , then smudged them in together, lined with a black gel liner and a brown eyeliner pencil on the waterline. Mascara was by chi-chi.

The photo's were taken in natural light on a cloudy day, so the lighting kept changing on me, so I'm adding in this photo where the colours have been enhanced using photo editing software, to show the true colour of the creme shadows as they are quite vibrant in real life.
I might just look into picking up a couple more of these as a chrissy gift to myself
: )

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