Monday, November 8, 2010

Eyecouture and Heatheresque mineral makeup is being discontinued : (

A few days ago I received an email from Heather Hanson, of heatheresque and eyecouture cosmetics ( formerly the old The she space ) sites, saying she is stepping back from mineral makeup and will no longer be making or selling them which I'm sure must be rather sad for her as she has been doing this for 10 years.

But it's rather exciting for me and anyone else looking to get their hands on good quality mineral shadows at a bargain price of $2 US per pot.  I have placed an order for 20 pots because I just couldn't help myself

the colours i have ordered from eyecouture cosmetics are -

Dangerous Dior - Fascinating iridescent pearl with BOLD layers of baby blue, plum, lavender and pink
Lucious Lagerfeld - Delicious smoked iridescent with colors ranging from lime, to baby blue and then turquoise
Faded Jeans:  Cocoa Taupe with splashes of turquoise light and subtle aqua sparkle
Idols of Gold:  Cocoa taupe infused with layers of golden twinkle and a kiss of golden iridescent light
Bad Catwalk Conduct:  Glittery, shimmery see-through golden lime 
Trashy Cash:  Metallic turquoise twinkle with loads of gold and aqua sparkle
Glides Like Glass:  The prefect cross between lavender and metallic grape with a hint of blue....finishes off with periwinkle and grape sparkle
Magical Moschino: Smoky iridescent with icy lilac, sky blue and subtle crystal twinkle
Fiscal Meltdown:  See-through sea foam green with a hint of iridescent aqua and twinkling flecks of hot pink and lime green sparkle
Princess Panic:  Iridescent magenta sparkle with sparkling purple and red twinkle....then a hint of lavender iridescent light

and from heatheresque's hope's quest collections -

You Are So Special:  A subtle iridescent rose/pink shimmer casts a baby pink halo
I Stand In Awe: This shade tends to lean a little warmer and can be described as a sheer, pale blushing rose shimmer 
Be the glitter girl:  subtle iridescent olive with twinkling copper and gold sparkle.
It's Okay to Shine:  This might look like lime green in the jar but it actually shows up as a twinkling iridescent golden copper with copper and gold diamonds.
I am Successful:  softest rose wine shimmer
Just Delete, Don’t Repeat:  Blackened cocoa berry….meshed with hot pink, lavender, and purple sparkle…..FABULOUS!!!!
Believe without Barriers:  This looks like a smoky green in the jar but applies as a VIVID iridescent that ranges from aqua, to lime green depending on how the light hits…. MAGIC!!
HOPE BURNS BRIGHT:  Appears lavender but shows up as an iridescent smoky lime, then lavender iridescent light with aqua twinkle
Sometimes Boys Stink: This is a blue based iridescent pink shimmer, but when the light hits, look for iridescent blue diamonds to show up
Find Your Voice:  Soft and shimmery, almost see-through caramel pearl

I'm expecting these to take a good 3 weeks to arrive considering how busy she must be, but I'm looking forward to reviewing and swatching them!

( all colour descriptions are from either heatheresque or eyecouture )

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