Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mineral sample baggie project

Yesterday morning as I was going though the ritual of putting my face and eyes on, I happened to glance over at my growing pile of sample baggies and wondered what on earth I should do with them.
That's half of what I had!

I don't really mind using shadow out the baggies, but they are a pain to sort through to find something that I'd like to use for the day, so this morning I searched through my drawers and pulled out a stack of old Everyday Minerals sample pots ( 5gm size ) that had been emptied ages ago.

Then I put all the baggies into colour groups and set about emptying them into the jars, mixing up the brands ad colours as I went. Most of them I grouped into colours but some of the pots got pink/gold combos or dark smoky blues mixed with whites. what I ended up with was about 30 3/4 full to full 5gm pots of mineral eye shadows in brand new colours, that are much more usable out of their baggies............goodbye baggies!

Here's what I ended up with, hopefully i'll get time to swatch them tomorrow.

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