Monday, March 28, 2011

Too faced, Pink leopard bronzer/ blusher

I picked this baby up in Grace Bros (Myers) sydney city, and the minute I saw it I fell in love, I beleive it retails at $45 AUD, and weighs 9gms, you can pick this up in different packaging, but still the 9gm size on allcosmetics wholesale for approx $21 USD and shipping is around $6-$7 to australia.

After using mine a few times I felt the need to head off to ACW and buy a back up of it, that's how much I love it, and I almost never buy back ups of colours :) 

This is the one I bought at grace bros in Sydney city
 The Palette- 
 Open - inside the lid printed on the mirror is the Too faced Logo and the slogan - "Why be pretty when you can be Gorgeous?" How cute!

And this is the one that ACW is selling, the two compacts contain the exact same amount of product, only the one at Myers comes in the super cute compact, whereas the one from ACW comes in one of those square cardboard compacts.

The product itself, picks up on the brush easily, and on my skin is more like a blusher than a bronzer, which is how Too Faced advertises it. The leopard design goes all the way through the palette, so it wont brush off after the first few uses. The colour is a gorgeous shimmery pinky bronze.

I was instantly in love with pink leopard and can esily see it being a constant staple in my makeup bag :)

Do you have any "MUST HAVE" makeup staples?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Facebook Competition winners :D

Hi guys,

After reading through Facebook's T&C's and discovering that all comps run on there, that aren't conducted with the use of a 3rd party app (Think specific competition tab) are against the T&C's, I have decided all comps will be run on the blog in the future.  Apparently it is even against the rules to announce or contact winners via FB :(.  In the name of fairness I am trying to make sure everyone who participates will get a chance to win at least one comp, but I wont overlook a name that totally suits a colour, so it is possible to win a couple of comps in a row.

Here are the colours that were up for naming in the last comp :D -

This is the pink shimmer with the blue undertones
Winners is - Yvette Mystakas with Marshmellow

Medium brown green/duochrome -
Winner is - Su RamMohan  with Bronzed Emerald

Shimmery Blue Violette
Winner is Stepanie Lalita with Violent Violet

and last but not least the pale shimmery lilac
Winner is Stacey English with I Like Lilac

Congratulations Guys! What I need you to do for me now is to email me on with your delivery details and a choice of one other colour from the 4 up for naming, as a special treat for taking the effort to take part :D

Looking forward to sending you off your prizes, which will be in the post Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Hope you enjoy them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

More Mac blushes

So anyway, I'm still feeling under the weather, and felt like finishing up my MAC blush project. Today I have some of the Sheertone Blushes and some mineralize blushes for you to look at.

Top row is the Sheertone blushes in Dollymix, PeachyKeen and Springsheen.
Bottom row is Mineralize blushes in Improvise, Nuance and Style Demon.

The Sheertone blushes retail at $41 AUD for a 6gm pot. Size wise compared to the skinfinishes the pots are much smaller. The sheertones aren't overtly sparkly, more of a sheen than anything. The product is soft and swipes off onto a brush or your fingertip very easily.  The colours tend to be more subtle ( even Dollymix, which looks scary pink in the pot )but can build up to a strong colour if you want them to.

Springsheen - soft sheer, peachy gold
Paechykeen - Is more pinky peach on my skin, Springsheen and Peachykeen are often compared as being similar, but on my skin there is a distinct difference.  Peachykeen is darker and more pinker to my eye.
Dollymix - sheer strong true pink, It almost looks a bit scary in the pot, but is really a much softer pink when applied with a light hand.
 Swatches - left to right, Springsheen, PeachyKeen and Dollymix
springsheen, peachykeen, dollymix
Mineralize Blushes

These are 3.5 g, so noticeably less product than the sheertones and the skinfinishes, although the pot is the same size as the sheertone blushes, there is much less product and they retail at $43 AUD.  Both of these MAC blush types you can pick up much cheaper... say $15 - $25 USD plus shipping on allcosmeticswholsale and Brigettes Boutique. The mineralize blushes are also much higher in shimmer than the sheertones.

Indidvidual pictures
Improvise - high shimmer, medium golden peach, nice highlighting shade
Mineralize - Improvise
Nuance - medium golden orange peach, nice for bronzed goddess looks, or a natural day look depending on your skin.
Mineralize - Nuance
Style Demon - Darker wine red with gold flecks, lovely more dramatic colour.
 Swatches of the mineralize blushes -
Improvise, Nuance, Style demon.
I adore MAC blushes, I love the colours, the finishes and the texture of them.  Such a shame they are so damn expensive here in Australia!

Do you have a favourite blush? MAC or otherwise, I'd love to know what everyone else is loving ATM.

DIY - homemade magnetic palette

I was doing a bit of playing around with my homemade magnetic palettes late last week, and got chatting on FaceBook with a friend on how I made them, so the next logical step was to to a how to blog on them :) Now the idea of handmade magnetic palettes is not new, and you can probably google it and get tons of results on how to make them, but this is my take on them anyway.

Firstly let me show you my homemade ones. The palettes themselves are those tin collectible DVD cases that you sometimes get when buying a special edition DVD, these 2 are ones I just had lying around at home.  The individual pans inside them are all colours of my own creation that I pressed simply so that they didn't take up stacks of room in my makeup drawers and to tell the truth, I kinda like being able to flip open a palette and see all my choices in one go.  Makes it easier to choose what to use.

So to start off you need something to use as a palette, I picked up this kids pencil case for $5 from the reject shop.  It has 3 tiers inside so its perfect.

Then you need a adhesive backed, magnetic sheet.  You can get these on eBay for next to nothing.  I can't recall who the eBay seller I bought mine from was, as it was quite a while ago, but I got 3 A4 sheets in the one transaction. This is what they look like.

Then quite simply open up your palette to be, and measure up the insides then cut the magnets to size and peel the paper off the adhesive side of your magnetic sheet and attach it to the base of your palette. You will end up with something like this :)
Next up, I actually removed the ... arms..... I guess, that automatically flip the trays up when the palettes open.  The reason I did this was, after looking at it I realised that if I placed any pans at the backs of the trays, I wouldn't be able to easily get to them. So then I ended up with this.
Then you can pop your magnetised single pans into your homemade palette :)

When I'm heading out, or travelling and want to take the eye shadows that I used that day with me, I then pop them out the magnetised palette and into a simple 4 well magnetised one.  The one I have I've owned for quite some time, I would imagine they are available on EBay, or for anyone near a Priceline store, the beautystyle brand sells 4 well empty magnetised palettes, the pans in those are bigger than the standard pan size... imagine MAC sized pans, so the pans don't sit completely fitted in Beautystyle palettes, but they have super strong magnets in them and the pans really stick well anyway. This is my 4 well palette.
Underneath it has small pin holes to allow you to simply pop the pans back out, with the least amount of fussing around
and this is how my homemade pressed eye shadows look transferred out of the big homemade palette and into a small travel friendly size.
This is a perfect way to enable you to buy single MAC, or Yaby or Starsmakeupheaven etc pans, or from any brand that sell the individual pans, without having to fork out stacks of extra cash for a small palette to fit your new individual pans in!

Let me know if you give it a try and how you went with it :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

MAC mineralize skinfinishes

Hiya beauties,

I'm feeling a bit sick and tired this morning, so I thought a play with some of my MAC blushes might cheer me up ( BTW sharing is very overrated, when the kids decide it's their cold they want to share! )

Time for some piccies, so first up is Mineralize Skinfinishes closed, they are about the size of your palm and contain, 10 gms of product and retail at the MAC Australia's counters for $47  sometimes you can pick these up online at places like Allcosmeticswholsale, or Brigettes Boutique for around $20-$30 USD plus shipping.
Top row- Petticoat, Stereo rose. Bottom row Shimpagne, By Candlelight

Open compacts, MAC's mineralize skinfinishes are just so pretty to look at :)
Top row, Petticoat, Stereo Rose. Bottom Row, Shimpagne, By Candlelight

Now colour by colour
Petticoat - gorgeous shimmery  raspberry pink, great blush for a natural, healthy look, can be built up for more colour

Stereo rose - AHA the coveted stereo rose :D This is a gorgeous shimmery peach gold, this is easily one of my favourites and would suit most skin tones.
Stereo Rose

Shimpagne - Is a Pale, pale golden peach, more gold though excellent highlighter shade, very shimmery

By Candlelight - Pale pinky beige, another great highlighting shade.
By Candlelight

Swatches pictures
Stereo rose, and Petticoat
Stereo rose, Petticoat

By Candlelight and Shimpagne
By candlelight, Shimpagne.
I love the colours of the skinfinishes and the lovely soft texture and how easy they are to use.  MAC does their skinfinishes Oh  so well!

Do you have any mineralize skinfinishes and what are your favs?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Nectar

Hello again Beauties,

A few weeks ago StrawberryNet had unboxed Bobbi Brown shimmerbricks in Nectar on sale for $18 with free shipping, so of course I just HAD to take advantage of the special. It was almost impossible to resist such a good deal :D  It took about 1 week for me to get it in my hands, and as with all Bobbi Brown it looks amazing.

The shimmerbricks comes in a shiny black square compact with the Bobbi Brown logo printed on top.

It fits neatly into the palm of your hand, once open they have the traditional mirror in the lid of the compact and the square insert with the product in them.  Like all shimmerbricks Nectar has the horizontal stripes of colour around 1 cm in width, with 5 different coloured strips in the compact.

These are designed to be swirled or dusted onto a brush mixing the colours together to form a shimmer highlighter.

Far left is the bottom swatch working along to the top one.
Swirled together
The product itself in the shimmerbrick is super soft and brushes pick the colour up very easily, each coloured strip on its own has different shades and tones of shimmery pinky golds, and the colours when mixed are a soft shimmery peachy, pink gold.

Unfortunately the color in this one doesn't do much for my skin other than the sheerest wash of a highlight, and then it needs a pretty heavy hand to get that, perhaps that's just due to my skin tone, but I am not overtly impressed with the colour payoff in the Nectar shimmerbrick, although it's impressive in every other way.  It looks beautiful, the individual colours swatch gorgeously as does the mixed together colour.  Perhaps for me it might be better for me to use it as individual eyeshadow colours.

Do you have a shimmerbrick and what do you think of it?