Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DIY - Low Titanium Dioxide or No Titanium Dioxide mineral powder foundation

Recently I was chatting on a thread on the Beautyheaven forums and we were trying to work out the best tips for makeup in photographs, one of the issues that came up was the white cast that a lot of makeup gets in flash photography,  after some chatting, and some googling, we discovered that a lot of MUA's and photographers believe that Titanium Dioxide is the main culprit behind what causes that white cast in photos - so I issued myself a challenge that next time I needed to make some foundation for myself I would attempt to make it with either no or little titanium dioxide while still retaining the high coverage and creamy finish that I like.  When it came down to it, it wasn't so easy to find a substitute for titanium that still had a solid coverage without using ingredients that aren't the best for your skin,  most of the substitutes were very translucent in finish, which would result in the foundation having a diluted coverage.  In the end I had to resort to using  minimal amount of titanium, just to get some coverage in the mixture.

Here's the finished foundation.

I'm crossing my fingers that its worked and I'll be happy with the coverage and feel, but until the next time I need to mix more foundation, I'll be on the hunt for a titanium replacement that has great coverage. For now the real test will be to take a flash photo and see if I get the telltale white cast!

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