Friday, November 12, 2010

Faux konad nail stamping

Around 2 months ago I purchased a Konad stamper and scraper for doing my own nails with.  In order to get my hands on a stack of designs all at once I went off to amazon and bought a Bundle Monster set of faux design plates, there was 21 designs in the set, and while they aren't all to my taste there is a fair few in it that will get used over time. The set includes some full nail designs, some french tip designs and some individual image designs, the 21 plate set, set me back US$17.99 plus $4.16 shipping to Sydney.

I've been playing around with the plates and designs for a while, and have finally come up with a technique that suits me and gets the image down onto my nails easily and clearly.  I've found that if I apply the polish to the plate and scrape off the excess, then roll the Konad stamper onto the design, then roll it onto my nail, then I get a much better image (there is stacks of YouTube tutorials on the technique) 

I only have one authentic Konad plate, plus another set of 10 faux plates I purchased on eBay, so today I placed an order for some more plates on the Konad website,  the prices are very similar to what you pay on eBay for an authentic konad plate and the shipping is very reasonable as well, plus the more you order the bigger the discount you receive.

After that I felt the need to spruce up my nails a bit, so here is my Nails of the week using an old Sax nail polish in bronze glimmer that I found lying around, I've had this colour for a long, long time and I'm not sure if Sax make it or sell it anymore, but I believe Sax is still available in chemists around Australia.  Then I used the Bundle monster plate in BM20 with black polish, and Sally Hansen Insta-dry as a top coat.

The design I used was the one in the lower left corner of the plate.  It's impossible to get a good photo of the plates without getting a big reflection on the surface.

and Ta-Da, the finished design!  I don't think I could go back to boring one colour nails ever again : )

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