Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NYX - Winter in Moscow

After randomly searching the net during a bout of boredom, I came across the NYX winter in Moscow palette and instantly fell in love with it.... the sane person in my head kept telling me "No don't do it, you have enough palettes" the devil in me eventually won and I headed off to EBay and bought it.  I believe I paid approx $20USD with free shipping.  Winter in Moscow is a smokey eye kit with colours all in the Grey / Silver / Taupe colour spectrum. 

The palette itself is one of those cardboard type with the magnetic closure, it's approx 15x 10 Cm's in size, just about the size of my hand. Inside one side contains 2 pinky peachy blushes, a mirror and five lip glosses, and the other side is home to 12 small eyeshadow strips that are about 1cm x 3 cm in size and 2 larger dark base colour shadows.  The only real problem with the design of the palette is that if you don't keep the small plastic insert, you'll get powder fall out in everything including eyeshadow in your lip glosses.

The colours in the eye shadows range from taupe greys, to silvers, and deep smokey greys and have a range of finishes with some being mattes, some being sheen's and some having high shimmer.  The only colour that really doesn't grab me is the white, it's chalky and hard to use.  The rest are the same great quality and pigmentation that I've come to expect from NYX products.

 Swatches - 1st row
 2nd row
The 2 blushes are really neutral peachy pinks, the perfect compliment to a strong smokey eye look, one is a pale matte pink peach, and the other is a deeper peach with golden shimmers

The lip glosses are nothing special, simply just very sheer with a light hint of colour but are a great nude lip colour for when you are rocking out a smokey eye and don't want your lips and eyes competing with each other.

All in all this is a great palette for anyone needing a no-fuss easy to use smokey palette or a great add on to an existing collection that may be missing some strong greys or silvers, and surprisingly with a little imagination there are plenty of ways to come up with different looks despite all the colours being from the same colour family.

Do you have a favourite dramatic smokey eye palette?  what is it?