Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Urban Decay, Black Palette

I recently went on a quick mini 3 day cruise to nowhere with the hubby to get away from the kids and recover a small amount of my sanity.  Boy was I surprised to find a shelf well stocked with Urban decay palettes on board the Pacific Pearl, not only that the were reasonably priced, on par for the US market but on board an Aussie ship, needless to say I felt I needed to indulge in 3 palettes plus the 24/7 shadow pencils :)  They had none of the NAKED palettes, but the SA informed me that when they do get them the retail price is around $44 AUD.

The Black palette is first up, this one was selling for around $33 AUD, which is actually cheaper than the US  RRP of $36 and has 6 shades, all black based shade, plus a 24/7 liner in zero and a mini primer potion.

The colours in this palette are black dog ( straight smoky matte black), barracuda ( smokey steel grey), jet ( shimmery smokey purple), sabbath ( smokey shimmer blue), cobra ( very glittery gold black), and libertine ( smokey olive green)

black dog, barracuda, jet, sabbath, cobra, libertine.
and a quick Eotd I put together using Jet and a a random purple on the inner corner.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Innoxia classic colour lipsticks, Matte shades

Just a quick follow up to the Innoxia classic colour lipsticks post from a few days ago, these are the 2 matte that I own from the range.  I find the pigmentation and lasting power about the same as the rest of the range, although if you have quite dry lips the colour can settle into the fine lines, I find that I can stop this happening if I remember to apply a balm before putting on my foundation.

The 2 colours I have are baby doll and watermelon

baby doll, watermelon
Baby doll is a pale barbie pink

and watermelon is a bright coral pink

Swatches, baby doll (left), watermelon (right)

So loving the lippie brights ATM, do you have a favourite all time bright lippie?

Urban decay, NAKED 2

So, I wasn't really going to bother doing a review on the NAKED 2 palette, but I thought I might as well throw my pictures and swatches out there as well.  My opinion on Urban decays shadows hasn't changed at all from the very first time I used a palette of theirs, and for my review of the original NAKED palette you can check here.

Basically NAKED 2 is a welcome addition to the original, I prefer the colours in this one a bit more, they are a bit cooler toned than the other one and these are colours I see myself getting more use out of.  The 2 palettes have a couple of shades in common, which I think wasn't really necessary.  It would have been nice to see a completely new palette with all new shades, but I guess they have done this so people who don't own the older one can still get some of the more popular shades without buying 2 palettes.

NAKED 2 comes with a double ended smudge/shadow brush and a mini lip gloss instead of the eye primer and is housed in a metal tin, which to me feels like it would be more solid for travelling or handbags than the original.

Contained in this palette are 11 shades, which are, Foxy, half baked, booty call, chopper, tease, snakebite, suspect, pistol, verve, YDK, busted and blackout.
 Foxy, half baked, booty call, chopper, tease, snakebite, suspect, pistol, verve, YDK, busted and blackout.

 Foxy, half baked, booty call, chopper, tease, snakebite, suspect, pistol, verve, YDK, busted and blackout.
I think both palettes have some really pretty neutrals, I just wish they didn't have that small colour overlap, and you had all different shades between the 2 palettes.

Do you have both Naked palettes and which one is your favourite?