Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry christmas - A trial for those wanting to get into the christmas Spirit ; )

So with Christmas fast approaching, I thought I'd take a minute to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and I hope everyone gets something special from Santa....... NOW I would like to post a trial for all of those wishing to get into the Christmas Spirit(s) LOL

My challenge is to make some Eggnog complete with the alcohol, OR non-alcoholic, whatever tickles your fancy, and partake in an Eggnog Christmas drink trial... those of you who were involved in a late night Facebook convo a few nights ago will know where this post started.

Anyway here's the basic Eggnog recipes

For the Alcoholics amongst us -

In a large saucepan beat together 6 eggs and 2 cups of milk,
a quarter a cup of sugar
a quarter teaspoon of salt
cook on low heat stirring constantly, keep stirring and don't let it curdle, or you'll be drinking what looks like scrambled eggs!
when the mix coats the back of a spoon add 3/4 a cup of Bourbon and 1/3 cup of dark rum
stir in 2 more cups of milk
add 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
add nutmeg to taste

and serve either warm or refrigerate until cold

Of course you can leave out the alcohol and those who do add the Christmas spirit to their eggnog. Please drink responsibly!

Let me know how your Christmas drink trial goes :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Su said...

I have never had eggnog in my life! I'm so going to try it. Great recipe, thanks for sharing :)
Merry Christmas! x