Thursday, December 9, 2010

Colourvue coloured contact lenses

On Monday after some dramas with shipping ( damn Australia post, sent my parcel back to the sender) I finally got my order of coloured contact lenses from Crazycontacts.  Crazy contacts offers coloured contact lenses and special effects lenses at great prices.  One set of lenses is normally $35AUD plus $5 shipping if you buy 2 sets you pay $50 AUD plus the shipping, which is a great discount, and you can go the whole hog and get 6 sets for $100 AUD plus shipping.  When you place a first order with them you get a discount code that entitles you $20 off any order over $100 AUD, so effectively you can get 6 sets of lenses for $85 all up inc your shipping costs.

They are super quick to ship, normally going out the same day or the day after, with the every order ( with the exception of the last one that ended up back with them ) arriving the day after they ship out.

Needless to say I felt I just had to take advantage of the coupon code and order 6 sets last time,  each set comes with a lens storage case and is disposable with regular wear of up to 90 days, so if you store them well and don't allow them to dry out, with occasional wear you may get much longer out of one set of lenses.  The lenses I ordered were 3 tones grey, silver jewel, gold jewel, glamour green, 3 tones violet and glamour aqua.

I have always struggled with a way to describe my eye colour and always fall back on calling them brown, and it does look that way at a casual glance, but looking closer they are brown, green and grey, but not hazel.... hmmm

I'm totally loving the 3 tone grey ones as they seem to be not that far off my natural eye colour, they just seem to lighten my eyes a bit, brighten them up and define the colours a bit better.

my natural eye colour
with 3 tone grey contacts

I cant wait to show you the pictures of the other colours as the aqua ones are just freaky on my eyes....

BTW  the colour eye shadows I have on in this picture is the MAC mineralize duo in pink split, with a grey liquid eyeliner.  I will get around to a review and swatches on my MAC colours... I promise!


Su said...

The grey one looks good! It enhances your natural eye colour. Can't wait to see the other lenses on you, especially the aqua and gold :)

RitualEyes said...

Thanks Su, I really, really like the grey ones, they do brighten up my natural colour heaps.