Wednesday, December 15, 2010

88 Matte palette

Last week, the 88 matte palette that i ordered  few weeks ago arrived.  I purchased it on Ebay for around $10 AUD including the shipping, it arrived well wrapped with bubble wrap and foam around it for protection, not a single colour was broken or loose and I have been playing with it ever since.

The palette is not all matte, there is probably a quarter of it that is shimmer or sheen in the finish. I'm finding the mattes a touch harder to work with than sheen or shimmers are, but the colours are gorgeous, and all I really wanted was a few mattes to juggle with the enormous amounts of sparkle crack (shimmers) that I already have.

so without any more random talking here it is ... complete with swatches, some of the lighter colours just don't show against the colour of my arms, so please overlook that : )

The palette -

row 2
row 3
row 4
row 5
row 6
row 7
row 8
row 9
row 10
row 11

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