Friday, December 17, 2010

88 Neutral palette (another swatch fest!)

Following in the heels of the 88 matte palette, I thought I might as well swatch all the 88 palettes, so next up is the 88 Neutral.  Just like the 88 matte it comes in the same shiny black casing, with the pans around the size of an Aussie 5c piece.  I believe I paid around $12 Aussie dollars incl shipping on EBay, this was the only palette I had issues with, a lot of the pans were loose on delivery and one shadow was slightly smashed. It wasn't really a problem though as I just stuck down the loose pans.

These colours are mainly sheen's and shimmers, there a few mattes, but those are in the lighter colours.  The shimmer/sheen shadows do get a bit powdery on the surface after using, but they are still easy to use and stick well with h addition of eye primer,  and as with the matte palette, the mattes are slightly harder to use.

Here we go with the pictures and swatches again!
The palette

row 1

row 2
row 3

row 4

row 5

row 6

row 7

row 8

row 9

row 10

row 11
As you can see from the first picture, this palette is a well used and much loved item in my collection, in fact some of the shades are almost at the bottom of the pan.  If you are looking for a neutral palette with a stack of shades, then this one is awesome : )

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