Thursday, February 3, 2011

180 palette - tray 4, More swatches

Hi everyone,

I'm just back from few days break away in Cairns and surrounds before my first child starts school today :(  boy am I glad to be back with all the cyclones happening up there ATM.  I hope everyone up there is OK and doesn't have much damage or loss, thinking of you all.

This is the 4th tray from the 180 palette, all the info and details on the palette can be found here, all the details for it are in that blog post :)

This palette is a mix of mattes, sheen's and metallics ( one green in particular is to DIE for ) but you'll see that one in a minute

The tray close up, can you spot that green? and those oranges are insane, but I have no idea where I'd wear them!

Row 1 - Yellows
There's a mix of sheen's and mattes in the yellows and the mattes are always hard to swatch.

Row 2 - Neutrals
again another mix of mattes and sheen's.

Row 3 - Pinks
sigh. LOVE my pinks and the coral on the end is lovely too

Row 4 - Purples
There's a few different tones of purples in this set of shades, ranging from pinky purples though to the more violetty ( hmm not sure if violetty is a word )

Row 5 - Oranges
Another mix of finishes, with some mattes, some sheen's. WOW look at the brightness of these oranges, now how do I use them?

Row 6 - Earthy tones
Here is that to die for metallic olive green, this is one of my favourite colours in the whole 180 palette.

See anything you love yet, out of the 4 trays?????

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