Tuesday, February 8, 2011

180 Palette - Tray 6, last set :( Thank god!

Here I go again, this is the last tray of colours from the 180 palette. I have to say that I'm pretty damm happy to be finished swatching this palette! This tray consists of Blues and Greens only, the full details are here.

I'm a bit over swatching these despite how pretty they are, so I'll just get straight onto the pictures :)

The tray - close up, all Blues and Greens
 Row 1 - True blues, a mix of sheen's and matte's
 Row 2 - Violet Blues, some sheen's some matte's.  I love the 2 shades at the end, they are easily amongst my favourites in the palette.
 Row 3 - Blues with slight green hues, all sheen's
 Row 4 - Lime Greens, all sheens
 Row 5 - Lime greens again, but these are mostly Matte's
 Row 6 - Emerald or True Greens, all sheens, and all VERY pretty :)
Well that's it for the 180 palette. I still really love this palette, it would have been nicer to see a few more neutral tones in it, but you never can get exactly what you want anyway.

Heres a list of a few things I could do next. If anyone has any preferences as to what they would love to see out of the list, just leave a comment otherwise I'll just randomly pick.

 - all my mac blushes
- 15 colour concealer palette
- a road test between Benefit creaseless creme shadow and Too faced Lockdown colour creme shadow used as a eyeshadow base
- a DIY, you pick the colour and I'll try and make it.

and whats on the way to play with soon
- NYX nude on nude shadow box
-NYX eyeshadow bases
- Jordana eye shadow base
- Bobbi Brown Nectar shimmer brick

I'm starting to draw a blank on anything else, so if you see something on the first list that you'd really like to see up next, then just let me know :)

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