Monday, February 21, 2011

Eye primer/base comparison Benefit creaseless cream shadow Vs Too Faced Lockdown

On my seemingly never-ending search for the prefect eye shadow primer or base cream, I decided to try Benefit's Creaseless Cream shadow in bunny hop and Too Faced Lockdown Ultimate cream eyeshadow which is infused with Too faced famous shadow insurance.

I ordered both on All Cosmetics Wholesale, the Benefit was $12.99 US and the Too faced was $8.99, so both pretty reasonable prices considering the USD to AUD exchange rate at the moment. Shipping takes around 10 days to 2 weeks for the product to arrive.

The Benefit arrived in a gorgeous box, with a small round glass jar inside which contains 4.5 gm of product, it has the beautiful benefit black lid with white birds design. Bunny Hop which is the colour I chose is a shimmery pinky nude. its a cinch to apply with a small flat brush and smooths on easily and looks beautiful on the lids.

Too faced Lockdown comes in a coloured tube similar to a lip gloss tube with a small pointy ended applicator, it contains 8 gms of product. It is a formula that contains both colour and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance for extra hold. The colour I chose is Bondage which is a shimmery nude. It squeezes out of the tube easily and spreads as easily as the benefit.

The Benefit Creaseless is a bit oilier of a formula than the Too Faced Lockdown is, and takes a bit longer to set as opposed to the too faced which sets almost immediately

I swatched both formulas and applied the same shadow over both, I also applied one eye with benefit and one with too faced then used the same shadow combo over both. The two swatches appeared the same in intensity and look on first glance, but the too faced quickly showed its superiority. Benefits creaseless started to smudge after 10 mins and the too faced was exactly as first applied, on the eyes you could clearly see fading on the eye primed with Benefit.

10 minutes after application, the left swatch is Too Faced Lockdown, the right is Benefit Creaseless, straight away you can see the difference in the intensity of the swatch. (taken at approx 9am )

1 pm - left Too faced, right Benefit, already the benefit has almost disappeared.
3:30 pm - there's still a trace of the Benefit swatch left, but not much.

After 6 hrs the Too Faced was swatch was still going strong and hadn't smudged or faded in the least and the Benefit swatch was almost gone. On the lids the too faced eye was exactly as it looked when applied that morning, but the benefit was greatly faded and had creased. In fact at 9 pm that night after showering, doing the dishes, bathing children etc, I could still see the remains of the Too faced Lockdown swatch and the Benefit Creasless one was completely gone.

I loved the colours of both, but for the purpose of using them as an eye colour base, the Too faced Lockdown won hands down, and at a whole $9 I'd seriously consider getting a stack more of these as shadow bases. Hands down a win to Too Faced Lockdown!

I still have the 3 NYX shadow bases and one by Jordana to test out and hopefully I will find a Holy Grail in there somewhere.

Does anyone have a favourite shadow base that is a holy grail for them?


scentsation1 said...

Thanks for the comparison.
At the moment, a favourite primer of mine is Silk Natural's Stick 'Em eye primer. Just as good, in my opinion, as Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, but there's no need for a primer underneath. Looking forward to the NYX base review :)

RitualEyes said...

Hmmm :) i didn't know silk naturals had an eye primer, might have to put that one on the to try list.

heath_jd said...

I hate the NYX bases. What do you think of them?