Monday, February 7, 2011

180 Palette - Tray 5

Hi Beauties

Back again with more swatches and colours from the 180 palette. This is the 5th tray from the palette, and as usual all the palette details can be found here. This palette is a mix of Pale Yellows/Strong Yellows in either matte's or sheen's. Greens in matte's and sheen's and Blues in matte's and sheen's.

As usual with all the other trays, the colours are very true to how they appear in the palette, and the last colour in each row on this tray is a marbled colour.

Enough with the chatting as you have heard it all before with the other trays and onto the swatches.

The tray - close up, see the marbled colours on the end of each row?

 The marbelled colours, close up - When swatched each of the marbelled colours is whatever the main colour is, but with a undertone of what the marbelled colour is, so the Yellow one you see below is yellow, with an orangish undertone when on the skin.

Row 1- Off whites and Pale Yellows, the Off whites are matte, and the Pale yellows are sheen's

Row 2 - Yellows, mostly sheen's

Row 3 - Lime greens, all matte. The first one is a really yellow lime green.

Row 4 - Greens.  Again a mix of matte and sheen, note the last colour is the marbelled green from the close up, so you can see how it is green with the yellowish/lime undertone.
 Row 5 - blues. Mostly pale tones, with a mix of matte and sheen.
 Row 6 - Blues, these are all sheen's
Phew, almost at the end of the 180 palette, there is only one more tray to go, then I have a few bits and pieces to look at, plus a NYX  Nude on Nude shadow box with 20 neutral shadows, plus 10 lip glosses in it to review and swatch.

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