Thursday, January 6, 2011

180 palette - tray 1, 1st 30 colours

Hi again beauty buffs :)

As promised here is a quick run down on the 180 palette that arrived a few days ago.  As I suspected when I compared the pan size on the 180 to the pan size on the 88 palettes, the 180 has noticeably larger individual colour pans, they feel quite soft and apply very easily, and are very pigmented. There's a good mix of satins, shimmers, metallics and mattes in it, with shades ranging from the very bright intense rainbow colours to more subdued and neutral tones. They easily last me a whole day with primer underneath.  The colours are just gorgeous with so many shades to choose from, and I almost wish I had gotten my hands on this before buying my 88 palettes.

You can find many different sellers on eBay selling the 180 palette, I chose to go with a seller on eBay that I have used before called Buyincoins,  I did however purchase direct through their website buyincoins (just type 180 palette into the search box or to make it easier here is the direct page for the 180 palette) as the price was slightly lower that way, I think it was around $30 on eBay and approx $27 on the website with free shipping. It came extremely well packaged with bubble wrap right around it and encased totally in foam, with not a single pan cracked,  it took around 3 weeks to arrive on my doorstep, which is pretty average.

and onto the fun bit.... pictures :)

This is the first tray in the palette, so the first 30 colours, it's mostly shimmers in this set
tray 1

tray 1, row 1

tray 1, row 2

tray 1, row 3

tray 1, row 4

tray 1, row 5

tray 1 row 6
The next tray will be on it's way soon.

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Yvette said...

I see you are having loads of fun hehehe ! Still drooling here!