Tuesday, January 25, 2011

180 palette - tray 3 swatches

Hi Beauties,

It's been awhile since I started swatching the 180 palette, so here is the next instalment, which is the third tray in the palette set.  This is the more neutral colours in the palette, this tray has a mix between shimmers, sheen's and mattes.  In the first picture the first colour doesn't swatch well but I find light matte colours never do.  So onto the swatches :)

The third tray - Naturals :)
tray 3 naturals
 Row 1 - Golds and yellows
row 1 - golds
 Row 2 - silvers
row 2 - silvers

 Row 3 - bronzes and browns
row 3 - bronzes and browns
 Row 4 - pink neutrals
row 4 - pink neutrals
 Row 5 - neutral browns
row 5 - neutral browns
Row 6 - neutral browns/ Taupe's
row 6 - neutral browns / taupe's
There is some very pretty colours in this tray, and they do look really lovely on and easily last me all day.
Stay tuned for the next tray :)


Passing fancy said...

great colors, happy for you that you got it :)

RitualEyes said...

Thanks :) this set is getting a lot of use, sometimes it's just quicker to grab for a palette, than searching through small jars of pigments and trying to make a choice.