Monday, January 10, 2011

180 palette - part 2, colours 30 thru 60

There's really no need to go through all the details of the 180 palette again, so I'll just get stuck into the next 30 colours.  This is the top tray in the palette, that sits on the right hand side.  The colours in this set are mostly matte with a couple of sheen's and 6 of the marbled colours which are the the first colour in each picture... woops... I forgot to rotate the pics round the right way :(  anyway as usual mattes are that bit harder to work with and a bit harder to pick up on the brush than the shimmers, but I kind of expect that now anyway.

and more pictures!

tray 2

tray 2 row 1
tray 2 row 2

tray 2 row 3

tray 2 row 4

tray 2 row 5

tray 2 row 6

Hopefully I will have the next tray up in the next few days. Plus a quick review of my sigma brush haul and some 2nd love marbled blushes plus piccy's

Ta-Ta for tonight

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