Monday, January 17, 2011

Mirenesse - where do I start?

OMG where do I start in my continuing frustration with this brand?

 I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Mirenesse, they do make some really nice products, but I can never get past their inflated shipping costs. I desperately wanted to get one of their flood relief sets where the $10 you pay for the products totally went to the flood relief effort, but come to check out they wanted $8.95 to ship 2 mascara sized products interstate.... Come on ... seriously??? It costs $4.40 to ship a small package that size interstate!

Anyway, moving on from the flood relief set, last week I wanted to place an order with them for a trial sized mascara to travel with and a trial sized eclipse age defense balm, I added both to my cart and selected check out, each individual item had a shipping charge of $4.95 attached to it. Now knowing how small these items are, one could safely assume they would be packed into the same bag, or that shipping should total either $4.95 or $9.90 as a combined total, but no... The total shipping cost on check out was $18.95.... HUH?? So as an experiment I removed one item from my cart and checked out with just the mascara in it, and sure enough the shipping went down to $4.95, so I ordered that one item then re-ordered the eclipse balm, again shipping was only $4.95. What sort of con is this company trying to pull? I have to wonder how many people have been tricked into overpaying for shipping.

Today my first order of the eclipse balm arrives, and surprise, surprise, the item looks nothing like the image on their website under trial makeup, AND the teeny tiny, 5cm round item, which has a peel off lid contains product that is seriously about 1.5 cm in diameter... Can anyone say OVERPACKAGED?

And if that's not bad enough the whole 5 cm item arrived in a 20 x 30 cm padded bag! What a Huge waste of packaging.
I don't know, but in this day and age of recycling, not polluting the environment such a blatant overuse of packaging materials, just annoys the crap out of me. Big thumbs down Mirenesse :(


Yvette said...

oh gosh, i bought the sample of the eclipse balm ages ago and i was shocked to find this minuscule product in a massive parcel.... what the????

RitualEyes said...

seriously, they have no idea. The mini mascara I also ordered arrived in the exact same size bag!

Yvette said...

uhhh what the?

that is so strange!

what happens if hypothetically, you make a huge order, do they stuff everything into that bag ?!?!

EsteeDarla said...

I never heard of this company but looking at some of their pictures on the site and having graphic knowledge I see a mis leading pictures right off the bat but the average person may not notice so to me when a company post mis leading photo's makes me see red flags real fast, thanks for share, what did you feel about the quality???