Monday, February 6, 2012

Too Faced - In Your Dreams Palette

The Too Faced in your Dreams Palette is another of my buys from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur and Sephora at the KLCC.  After checking the Too faced website, I've discovered this is another of the LE palettes from Too faced's Holiday 2011 collection, at the time of release it was retailing at $39 USD in sephora stores. I paid $135 Ringgit for it which equals approx $41 AUD so that's still not too bad seeing as if I'd bought online I would have had to pay shipping as well, I have seen it on EBay for anything between $35-$65 USD, but of course I have no idea if those sellers ship to Aust.

What I just love about Too faced is that their packaging is just go god damned pretty, and this ones no different, if anything it's prettier than normal.

The palette looks like a glittery picture frame, in shades of pink with a image of a stunning woman on a swing in a birdcage surrounded by pink snow covered pine trees and white peacocks.

The centre of the frame opens out to reveal the palette and leaves the palette framed like a picture.

On the inside of the flap you have instructions on how to use each set of colours to create a simple, no fuss look.

The 3 looks featured are - Natural Beauty, Feminine flirty and Seductively smokey.  Each set has 3 colours of shadow ( 2 Lid shades and a highlight ) a blush and a lip gloss. Everything you need in one spot, Simple! The instructions explain how to create the looks plus have a handy picture to show exactly where to place the colours..... it's a no brainer, great for those "I can't be arsed thinking about it" days.

Lets take a closer look at the colours in the palette.

Row 1 is Natural Beauty and this set of colours are basic simple neutrals with a shimmery pink blush and a pale pink gloss with silverish undertones.

Row 2 is Feminine Flirty, it has a pinkish toned highlight and a light and a dark grey with a pale pink blush that's a little less shimmery than in the Natural beauty set, and a more sheer nude gloss.

and Finally row 3 is Seductively smokey, these are deeper colours that have more impact than the others, there is a pale silver, a deep purple and a very deep navy blue, paired with a bronze blush and a nude gloss that has a hint of pink to it.

All in all, it is a great palette, very all inclusive, easy to use, well designed. Obviously it's on the bulky size with it being a large rectangle that's approx 1 cm thick, personally I'll happily overlook the size of it, because it's just so damned pretty!  the only thing it doesn't have is applicators, but lets face it I never use those anyway and they eventually end up in the bin.

I also grabbed one of the single shadows from Too faced that was on sale, the colour is called Glamazon and it was 40 ringgit which puts it at $12 AUD but again it was too pretty to pass up :)

I love those little sayings Too faced adds to their products....

I love Too Faced it's such a girly glam brand that plays on my love of cute packaging, it's such a shame that such a great brand is so hard to get you hands on here!

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