Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inglot, Freedom system 20 pan eyeshadow palette

Today I have yet another post on the palettes I purchased while in Kuala Lumpur, this time it's the first of the 2 twenty pan Inglot Freedom system palettes I got.  This one is a nude/neutral palette and the other one which you will see another time is a brights one.

Going through the Inglot online store here, or in store in 1 of Australia's bricks and mortars stores a 20 pan eyeshadow palette plus the shadows to fill it will cost a minimum of $225 filled or maybe a bit more if you were to add the 3 strip mosaic style pans to the palette, the empty palette retails at $25 AUD and the pans are $10 each, or $13 for the rainbow refills.  SO assuming you are filling it only with the single colour pans it works out at $225 ( if you feel like waiting and buying at Sydney IMAT's though they are dramatically cheaper with the discounts available there )

In KL  I paid $1300 Ringgit, which roughly translated to AUD is $410 AUD so it was marginally cheaper than buying online or in store here.

For anyone who hasn't looked into Inglot they have a system called The Freedom system, which means they manufacture palettes of varying pan sizes, which for eyes are 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 and 40.  The 20 pan palette is approx 20cm square, and the 40 is double that.  The reason I didn't simply buy the 40 pan is that it was just that bit too big to handle comfortably, and the costs between buying 2 x 20 or 1 x 40 was almost the same.

Each individual pan weighs in at 2.7 gm and actually really quite big for a single shadow, and come in a choice of 4 finishes, AMC shine which is a shimmer finish, pearl is the obvious pearl finish, or matte again self explanatory, and one named D.S ( although I haven't confirmed I'll take a random guess at perhaps this meaning Diamond shine????  Anyone who knows better is free to enlighten me though ) although if you are interested in mattes the 3 colour rainbow pans are matte, and for the $3 more that you pay you get 3 colours to a pan as opposed to a single colour.

You can also use the Freedom system for blushes and lipsticks, the palettes and pan sizes are different though, and seeing as I didn't look into that too closely ( I almost left with a 6 well lippie one as well ) I won't go into the details of those.

The palettes are a matte black with dividers separating each colour, and the lid is a thick hard plastic that is strongly magnetised to snap it shut, to remove the lid you simply slide one corner of the lid sideways then lift it off.

For my palette of neutrals I chose the following colours.... and for some odd reason I took the photos round the wrong way and swatched it all the same way, so the rows of swatches aren't in their colour families like they are in the palettes DUH ( smacks forehead)

For row 1 of my neutral palette I have left to right
1 - D.S 501, 2 - pearl 402, 3 - AMC shine 31, 4 - AMC shine 46, and 5 - Matte 373

For row 2 we have
1 - Pearl 454, 2 - AMC shine 42, 3 - AMC shine 25, 4 - Pearl 397, 5 - Matte 350

Row 3 is
1 -      , 2 - Pearl 419, 3 - AMC shine 43, 4 - AMC shine 08, 5 - Pearl 395 ( woops I know I am missing the number of colour no1 but I couldn't get the pan out of the palette )

And Row 4 we have
1 - AMC shine 47,  2 - Pearl 433, 3 - AMC shine 49, 4 - AMC shine 07, and D.S 463.

And jsut quickly a couple of photos I took this morning of an eye look I created using the gold/greens in this palette :)

At the moment I am loving the Inglot shadows, and now I have this palette I really don't think I have any need for the Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette..... OR DO I ??????


D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

So beautiful. You make me want another Inglot palette.

RitualEyes said...

thanks :)

I really love the inglot system that gives you the freedom to make a palette with any colours you want, and how super easy it is then the replace colours you love!