Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Urban Decay, Deluxe shadow box

Back to the business of beauty, this time I'm taking a look at Urban Decay's Deluxe shadow box which is another one of the goodies I picked up in Kuala Lumpur.  The Urban Decay goodies I bought on my visit to Sephora in KLCC in the twin towers.

I paid $145 Malaysian ringgit for the set, which at the exchange rate I had back then roughly translates to be around $45 AUD.  Personally I don't think that's too bad considering the RRP from Urban Decay's website is $38USD, and then you have to factor in shipping costs. You can pick them up on EBay though for anything between $20 - $30 USD plus shipping.

The palette itself is similar to the 1st naked palette in that it is that hard magnetic closing cardboard covered in a velvet finish.  The deluxe shadow box is about the size of my hand and is covered on the edges in a royal purple velvet in laid with silver mesh.  On the inside you have a mirror in the lid, with 9 square colour pans, in 3 rows of 3 and 2 small sponge tipped applicators.  It also comes with a 2.66ml primer potion.

The colours contained in the palette are
fishnet - bright purple with blue undertones
honey - bright yellow gold
ransom - deep royal blue
graffiti - bright lime green
zero - shimmer black
peace - light bright blue
shag - medium coppery brown
scratch - neutral skin toned pink
underground - chocolate brown

I bought this palette simply because I was attracted to the fact that it had brights and neutrals all in one.  The shadows themselves are very similar to what is in the NAKED palette very soft and smooth and easy to use, while they are pigmented I don't feel they swatch or apply quite as bright as you initially see in the palette, but they are still quite bright.

photo time :)

The outside packaging

the inside

and the swatches
left to right - fishnet, honey, ransom, graffiti, and zero
peace, shag, scratch and underground
All in all, its a really cute little palette and probably a good buy for anyone wanting to add some colour and warmer naturals to their existing collection.  I don't think it's set to become a favourite of mine but is still a useful addition.

Are there any Urban Decay fans out there and what palettes of theirs do you own other than the NAKED palette?


Dee said...

I won Naked 2 in a blog giveaway (eeee!), but I haven't even swatched it yet! (It's been too hot here in Adelaide to mess about with makeup.) I had the Alice In Wonderland BOS and I loved it to death but I really never used it. I ended up selling it so that someone else could give it some love. It was just going to waste with me.

Urban Decay eyeshadows are probably my favourite of the higher end ones - I have a handful of singles as well and I love them all. The only complaint I have is that their glitter shadows are CRAZY GLITTERBOMBS.

MsBilliLilli said...

Great review! I really love Urban Decay products especially their 15 year anniversary palette and the Book of Shadows 4. I don't own this palette but it looks like it has some beautiful colours in it.

They must have built a Sephora at KLCC recently? When I was there beginning of last year, I don't remember seeing it :(

RitualEyes said...

@ MsBilliLilli I do think the KLCC spehora is pretty new, it's also a bit bigger than the other one they have, shame they dont stock the full lot of brands, I was dying to grab NARS blushes, seeing as our prices in AUS are disgraceful but oh well thats what the NET is for.

RitualEyes said...

@ Dee, I'm still in 2 minds about weather I'll bother with NAKED 2 as I also put together a 20 palette of natural Inglot colours while away... and how many naturals can you use anyway, I prefer colour myself. The book of shadows I got while away has got a couple of those crazy glittery shadows, i'm yet to use them though but I am curious how they go on the lids.