Thursday, February 23, 2012

Highlighter love - Guerlain Meteorites cruel gardenia

A while back I spotted the new limited edition Guerlain meteorites cruel Gardenia on a blog as a pre-release, since then I have been ruthless hunting it down. Guerlain in Kuala Lumpur had no idea what I was on about, then last weekend after the Roxette concert at Sydney Entertainment centre I indulged in a spot of shopping as is compulsory when you have kid free time.  Imagine my delight when I finally spotted it at Grace Bros in the inner city.... delight which was marred by the heafty price tag of AUD $102 ( damn it ) After wandering aimlessly around Grace Bros trying to decide if I should bite the bullet and get it anyway...... Desire eventually won out and I walked out very happy but feeling slightly guilty about spending that much on one single item. The lovely SA did throw in some samples of Guerlains different foundations and some samples of Mens fragrances for the poor long suffering Hubby who grudgingly parted with the $$$$ to buy his slightly obsessive and addicted wife YET more makeup :)

The Cruel Gardenia is a super soft  golden pink highlighting powder, one tiny gentle swipe of a fingertip picks up so much product.  I have yet to use it on my face partially because it's SOOOOOO pretty and partially because I am still using up a Lancome highlighter and an Etude House one as well.  I might have to put together a FOTD just to show you what it looks like on.

The pressed powder is artfully designed with  raised floral design, housed in a sleek rounded twist top pot with the same floral design on the lid.  The powder is a 9gm weight which I should imagine that with the teeny tiny amount you would actually use will last a very long time.

And the swatch, the camera really doesn't pick up on just how gorgeous this really is!

I think I'll just be  opening this  one up and staring at it for the longest time before I finally get the courage to actually use it.

Do you have any products you have bought simply because they are pretty?


Little Jo* said...

Oooh that is absolutely stunning!!! looks too pretty to use :-) by the way hope you don't mind but i've just awarded you with a Liebster award!! xxx

Midnight Writer said...

great post! I totally love the quote at the top of the page! <3
please check out my blog!

Thanks! :)
-Midnight Writer