Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Urban decay, Book of shadows IV ( 4)

; ) Back again with more goodies Hauled from the recent O/S trip, this time it's the Urban Decay book of shadows IV ( or 4 for those of us who can't be bothered to work it out )

I bought this one in the Sephora store in KLCC ( Kuala Lumpur ) for $219 Ringgit which is approx $67 AUD, it was selling at $69 USD originally on the Urban Decay website, but it has been reduced to $44 recently, which would be an awesome price to snag it at, otherwise I am pretty happy that I managed to score  it at $67 AUD.

The Palette itself is HUGE, really, really bulky, but has Urban Decays trademark trendy look to it which makes the size easy to overlook.

  It contains 16 eyeshadow colours 10 of which are brand new to the book of shadows mark 4.  The case itself once you pull it out of it's cardboard sleeve looks a bit like a jewellery box in my opinion.  The upper lid flips up to reveal a mirror, and has the new style cards with a code that you can scan through your phone if you have the right app, you then get 5 how to videos using the colours from in the palette, which you can also hook up the mini speaker included in the kit to for better sound on the videos.  There is also a spray of pop up butterflies, unnecessary but cute anyway.

Closing that up you have a pull out drawer with the eyeshadow colours, a 24/7 mini waterproof liquid liner in perversion ( 1.7ml ) a Supercurl mini mascara (5.4 ml ) and a mini primer potion (3.7ml )

The 16 colours are arranged in 4 rows of 4 colours in each row

1st row contains Blue Bus ( bright blue with purple shimmer ), Gunmetal ( dark metallic silver w silver sparkle), Cobra ( sooty black with gold shimmer ) and Baked ( shimmering bright copper)

2nd row is Bender ( shimmery dark moss green ), Gravity ( bright purple w multi glitter ), Lost ( dark brown shimmer) and Hijack ( grey green with blue and green shimmer )

3rd row we have Midnight cowgirl ( gold shimmer with gold sparkle ), Sin ( champagne shimmer ), Midnight Rodeo ( metallic brown w gold & silver sparkle ) & Crystal ( light silver blue with multi shimmer )

and the 4th row is Bust ( taupe brown with grey shimmer ), Missionary ( light taupe with pink shimmer ), Skimp ( shimmery light nude ) and Zephyr ( off white shimmer )

Personally the palette itself is just that bit too big for easy everyday use, but it does have all the handy little extra mini/travel sizes.  There is no applicators or brushes, but that doesn't bother me at all seeing as I don't use them anyway.  On the upside the colours are really pretty and I might see if I can keep the eyeshadow tray pulled out of the kit just to make it easier to use.

What do you think are Book of shadows sets too bulky or are they worth the size solely because they are so nice to look at?


Dee said...

Gorgeous palette, Michelle. Sometimes their palettes are a bit samey-same so it's nice to see one with lots of new colours.

I had the Alice Book of Shadows and I loved it, but I just never used it. I ended up selling it so someone else could get some love out of it. I wouldn't buy another one, I don't think - though I reckon they'd make lovely presents.

RitualEyes said...

I have definatly come to the conclusion that as pretty as it is,it's far too bulky for everyday use, I hope it doesn't go into the makeup box to only get used ocassionally. Shame though cause UD shadows are brilliant