Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MakeUp For Ever liquid Aqua liners, more swatches :)

Seeing as things are slowly getting back to normal, and I have my IMAT's hauls to blog about I thought I'd throw together a quick entry with the swatches of the Liquid Aqua liners I picked up on Saturday ( sigh, so much makeup in one room... heaven ) My original review on them can be found here... my opinion hasn't changed in the slightest :) 

This time I picked these up at the Makeup for ever stall at IMAT's in Sydney.

Size - 1.7 gm
Price - $26.95 AUD as opposed to $23 USD in Sephora stores in the US
Range - I believe there's 15 colours all inventively numbered instead of named.... I kinda like names, and there's no number 2 in the range (odd)

anyway straight onto the pictures and swatches,
 the 3 I picked up were No's, 3 (shimmery olive green), 5 ( bright aqua blue ), and 8 ( bright true purple)

No 3
No. 5
No. 8
( sorry that one's a bit fuzzy :( )

Swatches -
left to right 8, 5 and 3.  I think no. 3 is the most wearable of the these, but the other two are just soooo pretty!

and lastly my baby-girl decided she had to be part of the swatching fun and wanted one of each on her hand too :)
LOVE IT ... she's a MakeUp master already!


Yvette said...

oh i do love the green one

Blackmagic said...

I love the blue! They are super pretty!