Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sydney IMAT's spending spree

Sadly this years Sydney IMAT's is over and done with.... I wish I could have spent the whole day there yesterday catching up with makeup addicts from all over the country who congregated on Darling harbour for the day yesterday and today. Dramas with childminding meant I really had to race down, catch up with the girls and race back home as quickly as possible and I wasn't able to indulge in post IMAT's dinner and drinkies as I expected to, but never fear I'm already thinking ahead to next year, perhaps getting the 2 day pass for me and my Baby Girl who will be almost 5 by then and right in her element.

Never-the-less I still had a ball, I mostly missed seeing all the entries in the student comp but I did manage to snap some pictures of IMAT's and a couple of the student models, so sometime in the next couple of days I'll do a post with all those pics.

For now though I'll just pop some piccy's of my IMAT's haul, when I get time I'll go through each purchase in detail but for now it's just pictures and quick prices and brands for each.

Starting out withe the most boring, some shampoo and conditioner I picked up from the local chemist on the way home to use whilst in QLD next week.  The brand is Pure therapy the minis were $6.95 and Large sizes are $14.95. 

As usual these are all Sodium Lauryl Sulphate free, seeing as I keratin straighten my hair that's all I will use.  I've never used this particular brand before but might as well give it a try

A couple of different brush cleaners, I've never used anything but weekly deep cleans on my brushes and figured it might be time to try a spray on cleaner for everyday use,  the pink bottle was from the Designer Makeup tools stall and was $10 and the green refill bottle was $8 from Scotty's makeup supplies.

Illamasqua goodies, my Skin Base foundations were 3 for $55, awesome deal, and the volume mascara was just $10, they had awesome prices on the day, but unfortunately the colour selection and stock levels just plain sucked!

Coastal Scents 28 Neutral palette these were $30 each or 2 for $50 with any palette combo, sadly I didn't need any of the others and I easily could have bought it online for less, but I had the cash and it seemed stupid not to use that instead of credit when I got home.  the colours do look fabulous though.

Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics lip tars in Femme, Narcissus, conquest and stalker, these also came from Scotty's makeup supplies and they had stacks @$14 each ( in every colour incl the new ones ), I'm yet to suss out if they have any online store, but it would be great if they do as their stall had so much stuff with great variety.

Another one from Scotty's makeup supplies stall, it's simply a magnetized palette so i can stick my favourite colours in for travelling, the magnet seems very strong and it came with the empty pans to press into, this baby was $20

The 2 Rae Morris books Express makeup and The Ultimate makeup guide, both were $40 and probably much less online, if you look around, but Meh.... whatever.  Rae Morris was there signing them, but seeing as it was later in the day and due to the babysitter situation I just didn't have the time to line up and wait.  It would've been nice though... maybe next year I'll take them and get them signed then.... SSSSHHH don't tell LOL

Make up forever Aqua liners from the Makeup Forever stand, these were $26.95 and considering hubby paid $28 USD earlier this year at Sephora in the US for the others I have that's not too bad a deal when you take into account there's no shipping costs on the ones at IMAT's.

And the Piece-De- Resistance, the main reason I was at IMAT's dead on opening time, is the makeup storage kits, these babies were $110 for the big one and $70 for the smaller one from the Showface cosmetics stall... and I have to say I'M IN LOOOVEEE... the wine red coloured crocodile skin had me at Hello! 

 All in all I think I did a great job shopping up a storm and the hardest bit was getting it all back home on the train and lightly drizzling rain afterwards.  God it's hard work spending money on makeup related stuff NOT!


D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

omg! i love love the traincases! i want!

RitualEyes said...

They are hot arent they, I'll do a post about them and show how they open up and configure etc, then I might toss in a picture with the them filled up :D

Showface has a website I believe so they may be available online...