Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Snaps from Sydney Imats 2011

Yesterday I posted the pictures from my Imat's haul, so I thought today I might just throw together something with all my happy snaps from the day.  As I didn't get to stay until all the models from the student competition were finished I only managed to grab shots of a couple of the finished models on my way out the door, so lets see them .....

The Inglot cosmetics stand before it got super busy!

Mac Stall, I didn't even venture over to look at the selection or prices, the crowds around it made it impossible to navigate and to be honest I don't really think MAC would've been doing anything special price wise. I figure I can get MAC online from the US cheap enough to not be that interested in the stand.

Illamasqua, prices were really cheap compared to their normal prices but their stock levels and colour selection on the day was pretty damn tragic :(

MakeUp for Ever, prices were similar to their US prices, but it was really nice to see the products in person, unfortunately they were painfully slow to buy from & Napoleon which was another one I didn't even look at TBH their products have never really interested me, and I have no idea why!

Crown brushes, they were at last years Imat's as well, they had huge amounts of stock of their brushes, kit, palettes, trolleys etc, and just up the closest corner to the camera you can see the Rae Morris books being sold.

Some pictures of the student comp and special effects works in progress.

A couple of pics of one of two of the finished  Student Competition Models.

Sigh, so sad It's all over for another year, IMAT's is really just the best fun and a great stress reliever.  What brands are on my radar for next year???? I'm thinking it might be time to start researching Ben Nye, as they look pretty awesome!

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