Monday, September 19, 2011

Models Prefer Professional range - Ultra Lipgloss Pencils

Morning Beauties

Continuing on with my stash of Models Prefer Professional range products Here is the Ultra Lipgloss Pencils

Price - I believe I paid approx $9.95 AUD
Size - 2.8gms per pencil
Avail at - Priceline stores nationally
Made in - China
Shades - I believe theres' 5 or 6, the 4 shades I own are Kiss and makeup ( pale pink with gold shimmers ) , Perfectly polished ( neutral pinky brown), Drama queen (hot fuschia pink), and Dare to wear ( bright high impact red).
Favourite shade - Dare to wear ( high impact red ) lasts on my lips for ages and ages and OMG Hubba Hubba what a colour!

Kiss and Makeup
Perfectly Polished
Drama Queen
Dare to wear
left to right - Dare to wear, Drama Queen, Perfectly Polished and Kiss and makeup

Let me just say I am totally in love with these, the colours are gorgeous kind of a mix between true lipsticks and lip glosses, so they aren't sheer with almost no colour in fact they have a stack of pigmentation and look more like lipsticks but with the super high sheen of a gloss. They basically look like fat or chubby lip liner pencils but have a high gloss sheen more like a lip gloss, the only one that's not quite as high sheen is Dare to wear which is the high impact red but that works in its favour as it last much longer on than it would if it was high gloss.

I love the fact that I can just toss these in my bag and go, they apply easily, the pencil part of them is quite soft so there is no pulling or tugging on your lips while applying, and at $9.95 they really are a bargain, you can often pick them up cheaper if you wait for Priceline sales and may even score another 20% or so off that at times.

Love, love, love these and although I haven't yet tried them I'm guessing they are something like Clinique's Chubby sticks, so are these are well worth a look at :)

Has anyone tried Clinique's chubby sticks? Do these look like a similar product?


Su said...

The swatches look amazing! So pigmented. I don't think Chubby sticks are as pigmented, they are more like gloss. I think these are more like NARS velvet matt, only finish is different and the price is just a fraction! Priceline has 20% atm, tempting :D

RitualEyes said...

Oh cool, i had wondered about the Chubby sticks, and yes these have a LOT of pigment especially dare to wear :)