Sunday, June 5, 2011

Make Up For Ever liquid Aqua liners.

Hubby recently went to the US and got back Wednesday.  He took with him my US wishlist and visited many Sephora stores, which I think he secretly enjoyed
( being waited on by US  SA's who thought his accent was cute!)  How I wish Sephora was in Australia at competitive prices! 

On my wishlist was NARS powder blushes, Urban decay NAKED palettes, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners, and Make up For Ever liquid Aqua liners... not at all ambitious for a Non- makeup savy man :D

After seeing reviews and swatches for the new Make up for Ever Liquid Aqua liners, I figured him being in the US was a perfect time to get hold of some. I'm under the impression that these babies are available at Sephora stores only.  There are 15 shades in the whole collection, they are simply labelled with a number on the tube but they do have names.  I'll do a quick rundown of the numbers and names

1 - Diamond gold (sparkly yellow gold)
3 - Iridescent emerald green ( emerald green sheen)
4 - Diamond Lagoon green ( sparkling blue green)
5 - Diamond turquoise blue ( sparkling turquoise blue)
6 - Iridescent Navy Blue ( dark navy blue sheen )
7 - Diamond Black Purple ( deep violet sheen)
8 - Iridescent electric purple (bright purple sheen)
9 - Iridescent Fuchsia ( Hot pink sheen )
10 - Iridescent red ( brick red sheen)
11 - Diamond Burgundy ( sparkling plum burgundy )
12 - Mat mocha ( matte dark brown)
13 - Mat black ( matte black )
14 - Diamond multicolour black ( black with multicolour sparkles)
15 - Iridescent Anthracite ( gunmetal grey )
16 - Diamond white ( sparkly silver white )
(note there's no number 2 in the range... odd )

The boxes
The Tubes ( easily identifiable by the colour on the tube)
The colours that Hubby picked up from Sephora for me are 6 - denimy blue, 9 - hot pink, 11 - plum burgundy and 14 black multicolour shimmer.  Hubby had to search the whole of Vegas to track down no. 11 the plum burgundy but it was well worth the search!

6 - Iridescent navy blue
9 - Iridescent Fuchsia ( reminds me of Barbie pink )

11 - Diamond Burgundy
14 - Diamond Multicolour black

These liquid Aqua liners are a long wearing waterproof formula with a short tipped brush that is easily manoeuvred and applies the liners really easily. To use them you need to give the wand a shake, there sounds like there is a small ball inside mixing the product ( a bit like some nail polishes) then uncap and use, they dry in seconds ensuring no smudging once on.  The tubes contain 0.058 oz of product which is approx 1.6gm, and retail at $23 USD,  which is really a bit exxy, but they are really just AMAZING! It's also really simple to see which colour is which because the tubes are the exact colour of the liner within, eliminating many mistakes from picking up the wrong colour.  To look at them they are almost a plastic looking product on the skin with high sheen, lots of shimmer and quite intense colour.  If you give them a really good rub with makeup remover they almost peel off like pencil eraser shavings, also a bit like the tube style mascaras.  They last super long and will not simply rub off or wear off at all, they are also extremely waterproof, and eye make remover is needed to take them off at the end of the day.

The swatches :D
natural light 14, 11, 9, 6

flash 14, 11, 9, 6

I'm totally in love with these liners and wish I'd managed to get my hands on the whole range, but give it time and I'm sure they will start popping up on eBay.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite liner brand or colour?

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heath_jd said...

My favourite liners at the moment are physicians formula gel eyeliner pots.