Monday, January 30, 2012

slight deviation from beauty, The big O/S trip :) PART 1 the planning

As I mentioned in my last post I was MIA for the last few weeks while on a family trip O/S I thought I might just deviate from the makeup posts to show you where I dissapeared to.  It was a very full on 3 weeks and in order not to bore everyone with a super huge single post I'll split the trip up into smaller posts and include as much pricing and costs info as possible.

 Now that my boy is at school full time the only real quality time we get to spend together is school holidays, so with it in mind that the December/ January holidays are the longest ones we get all year, so we decided to plan a big trip overseas for this year at that time.  During the planning stage we sat the kids down and showed them some travel videos and gave them the option to choose what they would like to experience while overseas... shocking I know, allowing the kids to pick, but we figured if they got to do things they were interested in then the whole trip would be more fun.  Their choice came down to wanting to go to Disneyland and to see golden temples ( that's my girl, only 4 and already into bling!)

In order to include both of those we chose to visit Hong Kong  (Disneyland)
Kuala Lumpur... that was to satisfy my shopping addiction,
and Thailand ( Karon Beach)

 Much planning went into it and after arranging 6 flights and 3 sets of accommodation it was booked, $13 000 AUD later we were booked, planned and paid for, then the long wait and the planning of what to do in each country began.

I had lots of fun buying up big on Makeup in Kuala Lumpur that''s not readily available here in Australia, but more on that later :)

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