Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back in action, this time with MakeUp ForEver's wild and chic aqua cream LE set

Hi Beauties, my apologies for going MIA again, this time I headed off for a 3 week holiday with the family visiting Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Thailand.  My plan was to hit up a couple of stores and brands such as Sephora which we don't have here in Australia. ( and spend big I did! )  I'll probably do a quickie post soon with  the full haul photos, but today I'm getting straight into it with the MakeUp Forever Wild and chic Aqua eyes limited edition set I picked up from the MakeUp forever store in KLCC.

I believe this one isn't available anymore and I may just have fluked one the last sets they had instore.  I'll still run down pricing etc just for interest/comparisons sake, so If you cant be bothered just skip right over all that to the piccys :)

Aqua creams as described on the MUFE website are a Waterproof cream colour, which are Ultra pigmented and long lasting.  They are highly concentrated in Mother of Pearl pigments, providing and immediate colour intensity with a luminous finish.  The long lasting formula will not crease or smudge even under the most extreme conditions.

They are versatile with some being able to be used on eyes, cheeks and lips, although the ones in the set are eye and cheek safe only.  The individual pots retail at $22 USD and the kit sold for approx $175 USD. Which as we all know would have been at least double that RRP on the australian market.  In the KLCC store I paid around $250 AUD for the kit, which sounds Exxy, but... well I fell in love with it!

Now I have really only just swatched and used these for the first time today, so any opinion I have on them will only be based on my initial observations of them. I used them on my eyes at around 9am this morning and they were still as good as first applied at 7pm tonight. The set has 10 colours in it, with the individual pots being clear plastic with the colour shade numbers printed on the bottom.  They are stored upside down in the case and come with the MUFE 5N brush, which is a medium to small flat tipped brush. It appears to apply the colours really well despite being on the small side.  Each colour is really smooth and creamy and sets within 30 seconds, MUFE recommends doing one eye at a time for this reason.

The set comes in a hard metal snakeskin print tin with a moulded inner for each of the pots and brush to clip straight into

Now for the individual pot pictures and swatches ( the fun bit )
02 - steel grey

 04 - snow white

 16 - Medium rosy pink

 13 - neutral pale pink

 11 - true gold

left to right - 02, 04, 16, 13 and 11
The next 5 colours - 
01 - dark graphite grey

 14 - chocolate toned

 17 - deep plum red

15 - neutral brown

 12 - bright bronze

left to right - 01,14, 17, 15 and 12

See anything you love?  Has anyone tried MUFE's aqua creams before, and what did you think of them?


Su said...

Wowzers! Love these things! They look beautifully metallic and pigmented. Impressive staying power too! Can we expect more EOTDs now? :)

RitualEyes said...

i'll definatly do some EOTD with these, they are gorgeous, just need to play with them a bit more first.