Thursday, November 17, 2011

OPI Shatters haul

Hi guys, I'm still trying to play catch up on a few hauls that I haven't manged to photograph and swatch yet, so I thought I'd do a real simple and quick haul post on some OPI shatters I picked up a couple of weeks ago.  OPI is one of those deeply loved and coveted nail polish brands that are simply super exxy here in Aust, with them normally selling at department stores like Grace Bros and David Jones at ridiculous prices of $20 to $30 AUD per bottle.  Recently a friend alerted me to an OPI shatter sale on Adore beauty when they were selling the OPI shatters at $10 a bottle, shipping was around $5-6 and took approx 3-4 days (very quick!) As a result I felt the NEED to pick up every colour, with the exceptions being the black and gold shatters as they were out of stock.

The 6 shades they had in stock that I managed to get my hands on were White (NL E54), Silver (NL E62), Navy ( NL E63), red (NL E55), blue (NL E56) and turquoise (NL E64)

Navy, turquoise, blue
red,  silver and white
 Now unless you have been living under a rock, or just not interested in nails, you would know all about the shatters so just briefly the basic concept is to apply a  base coat in one colour then apply a contrasting shatter shade over the top, the shatter then crackles and what you see is a cracked finish with you base shade showing  through the gaps.  You can get some pretty funky colour combos limited only by your imagination.

For the ones on my nails this week I have used one base coat of Ulta 3's neon orange called Tahiti, then one coat of NYC nail polish in Crazy, which is a sheer shimmery citrus orange, the applied White Shatter over the top, allowed it to crack the top coated with Sally Hansen's Inst-Dry anti chip top coat.  At first I have to admit I wasn't quite sure of the white shatter, it kinda reminds me of painting my nails with white liquid paper when bored in high school, but it's grown on me :)

What do you think of the OPI shatters and do you have a favourite shade or colour combo in them that you love?

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