Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fake Tanning adventures, ST Tropez bronzing mousse

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I was recently sent the St Tropez bronzing mousse as a Trial for the Great Tan test on beautyheaven,  this was one trial that was right up my alley as I'm constantly on the hunt for a perfect summer tan all year round.  As usual St Tropez has nailed it with their simple to use Bronzing mousse. It comes in 2 handy sizes of 120 ml for $43.95 or 240 ml for $65.95.

Getting your tan on is a breeze with this tinted bronzing mousse, it has a light airy look and feel, with no obvious fake tan smell, actually it has only the lightest almost un-noticeable smell so gone are the days of smelling like you have just topped up your tan from a bottle.

It's nice and simple to use, as with all fake tans it's best to exfoliate first and moisturize, then just work the tinted mousse into your skin area by area. The tinted nature of the product makes it a cinch to spot if you have missed out any areas and it applies really easily and covers well with no streaking.

The St Tropez mousse has to be one of the most natural bronze coloured tans I have used in a very long time, 1 application left me with a lightly bronzed glow and after I had used it 3 days in a row I found I was getting lots of compliments on my lovely Queensland tan. No fake orange tan in sight :)

I'll absolutely look into picking up another St Tropez product next time I'm buying a new bottle of fake tan, but just for the ease of application I'd probably reach for the spray on version, so I don't have to worry about trying to get the excess out of my hands afterwards.

I did end up investing in a tanning mitt as the St Tropez website suggests and that makes application so much easier and even with no messy fake tan marks on my hands afterwards.

I thought I might just pop up some before and after photos, even though I'm not sure you can see the difference, but there really was one in real life

What's you're favourite fake bake range or product?  mine is easily now ST Tropez :)

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