Monday, November 14, 2011

Finally, Sydney Imats Hauls - 28 Neutral palette

Hi guys, sorry for being MIA  for a while, anyone who follows my Face Book page as well will know I headed off overseas for a well deserved trip to Bali with the Hubby and no kidlets in tow.  I'm back now and starting to get back into the swing of things, I did manage to pick up a couple of items while away most importantly this seasons DIOR cannage collection and some GUESS shoes, but I'll have to work my way through the IMATS haul first and a couple of other things before I get to the DIOR.

Today I've been working on the photos from the 28 Neutral palette I got at IMAT''s, now my details are a bit sketchy seeing as I have had so much going on, but I believe I bought it at the Crown brushes stand, and I paid $35, they had a deal going of 2 palettes for $50 as well but unfortunately ( or fortunately... whatever ) I already had all the others.

The palette measures approx 22cm x 15 Cm's and is in a matte black casing with no interior mirror on the lid.  There is 28 neutral shades varying from light beige's and hi-light style colours to deep browns and some with reddish or purplish undertones, there's also a variety of finishes from mattes to shimmers.  The pans in this palette are bigger than those in the 88 palettes with each colour being approx the size of an Aussie 10c piece.  It's a very versatile and useful palette for those looking for a stack of neutrals all in one place.  The texture of the colours is soft and colour payoff for the most is pretty good, very similar to the texture of the 88 palettes.

So Onto the Pict's :)

The Palette
Row 1
 row 1 swatches
row 2
 row 2 swatches
row 3
 row 3 swatches

row 4
 row 4 swatches

row 5
row 5 swatches
row 6
row 6 swatches
row 7 ( last one )

row 7 swatches

Basically it's a nice  easy palette with a bunch of neutral all in one place, great for creating completely natural looks or for grabbing when looking for a neutral crease colour. Not really a stand out fave palette for me but very useful all the same.

What is your favourite neutral palette that you own?


Michelle said...

I bought this recently from ebay, and hadn't played with it yet, now I know what the shadows look like on the skin..Thanks :)

RitualEyes said...

yeah,, it's not a bad palette, pretty much covers it all in one place though which is handy.