Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Ben NYE

Just a quick haul and swatches of more of the Ben NYE Lumiere Grande shadows and blushes, ( my original post on those are here ) My first Ben Nye palette was purchased in October and I quickly fell in love with the high impact shades in the palette that I just had to grab some of the single shadows and a couple of blushes and pop them into a Z palette.  This time I was looking for some neutral shades, plus the blues and purples, along with a high impact pink blush and a subtle coral for day wear.

These babies retail at $7.99 USD and really are HUGE! approx the size of a rounded off Aust 50c piece, the blushes are the same huge size and I think were $6.99.

This time round the colours I picked up were
Bronze - (shimmer) LUR-5
Taupe - (matte) ER-34
Starry Night ( matte with glitter) LUR-20
Mossberry (matte) ER-62
Twilight sable (matte) this one came with no backing info so off the top of my head I dont have the colour coode for it.
Royal purple (sheen with glitter) LUR-13
Peacock (shimmer) LUR-19
Turquoise (shimmer) LUR-11
Golden apricot (shimmer) LUR-18
PLUS the blushes in peach and Fuschia


blushes, plus a small sample of body bling plantinum

sorry for the mess couldn't wait to use them :)

left to right, Bronze( golden bronze), Taupe ( mid range grey brown), starry night( black with multi coloured glitter), mossberry (deep olive green ), twilight sable (med- dark chocolate brown )
left to right - Royal purple ( mid true purple with hints of glitter), Peacock ( bright shimmery blue verging on teal), turquoise ( bright teal blue green) and Golden apricot ( Goldy peach colour)
Blushes, peach and Fuchsia.... obviously they are applied heavily for swatching purposes and you'd never wear them like that unless you were aiming for clown, esp fuchsia!

Looking at these colours peacock and turquoise are very similar so it probably isn't necessary to own both,  and the matte neutrals are great crease style colours.  I keep loving the Ben Nye more and more with every use and I'm sure I'll find an excuse to go pick up more of these in the future, maybe from their other ranges, not just the Lumiere Grandes.

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