Monday, May 2, 2011

DIY time - duping a coastalscents metallic palette colour

Hi again,

Well I have been hard at work ( cough, cough.... playing with sparklecrack really isn't hard work! ) duping a colour from my Coastalscents 88 metallic palette, seen here.  The one I was attempting to dupe was the last colour in row 9, it's a metallic red plum colour.

I swatched the original colour on my arm and started scrounging through my bottles of pure pigments looking for something similar to work with and ended up with a stack of colours to start with and some extras to use to tweak it out to get the shade close.

Using exact measurements and writing everything down as I went, I ended up with this set of variations :D

The colour I was attempting to dupe is circled, and the others are the many variations of dupes I made, I finally settled on one I thought was close, but when swatched side by side, my dupe had more of a purple/blue tone than the original had.....  mine is on the left and the original is on the right.

So back to the drawing board, starting with a different base toned red.  This resulted in many more attempts :)  One of which I was very happy with, again the circled colour is the one I was duping.
 Again the circled one is the original, the one I decided on is second from the left!

I think I got close, what do you think?

Then I felt like just having a random play to create a deep brown with blue undertones, here is some of the many attempts at that, I did come up with one I am happy with :D

Does anyone have any high end colour they wish they could find cheaper dupes for, or have dupes for hard to get colours and brands?


Sarah Kretchmer said...

Ok I don't know a brand exactly, and I have only just started following you so you may have already don't this but I would be interested in some super metallics ie eyeshadow that looks like liquid metal - the more metallic the better!! Is this doable??

RitualEyes said...

totally doable! I'm working on some off and on that are much more metallic than sparkle.

Su said...

Oh, that is my favourite colour! I think you got it close enough. The first and the second from left in the second picture from the bottom look spot on! I need to buy that :)