Friday, May 20, 2011

Mini Haul

On Wednesday I decided I'd had enough of hanging round home, cleaning, cooking... Blah, Blah, blah.... So I took advantage of my one child free day in the week and headed up to my local Westfeild, my mission was to acquire some of the Face of Australia, molten Metallic nail polishes, that I had seen featured on Little Jo's blog the night before. As soon as I spotted the white gold shade she was sporting I was smitten!

My local Priceline store had 4 of the shades I was after, Titanium - glittery high shine silver, Iron ore- black with silver glitter, Verdigris - metallic olive green and Amethyst - metallic purple, Not content to stop there, I hunted down the rest of the shades at my nearest Big W store, there I found Flaming Lava - bright metallic red, and White Gold - which to me looks like a pale metallic beige. These babies retail at $4.95 each and are just the prettiest colours.

LOL then I had all these new colours to play with and not being able to choose just one I used Titanium on every second nail and put one of each of the other colours in between - Sorry no pic's :( my nails are recovering from acrylics right now and aren't looking their best!

Well as usual 6 new nail polishes weren't enough for me so a trip to Myers/grace bros resulted in a bargain find of Chi Chi single shadows for $2 most of them were in the wrong boxes, so I spent a thoroughly enjoyable 15 minutes opening to boxes to see what was in them, I picked up 4 of these for a grand total of $8, gotta love that!

Next up the gorgeous packaging of the Sugar baby products was beckoning me, OK so I'm a sucker for a pretty box :) and the Good to Glow pack, with Mineral bronzer and illuminator got me... I think it was the leopard print powder puff that sealed the deal!

Chi, chi eyeshadow colours are -left to right, Funkadelic - pale shimmery pink, Showgirl - brown green duo chrome ( love that I found this colour in a pressed shadow for travelling finally!) Prissy Princess - pale aqua blue and Delusional pale simmer lilac.

What has been your favourite haul you have picked up lately?


Alice said...

I found the full range at Big W last night, and very nearly bought them all. I ended up only getting Iron Ore, Verdigris and Amethyst.

It was never a question of "which should I get",, but rather, "which ones should I not get, for now at least." :)

Yvette said...

Ohhh nice haul !!

RitualEyes said...

LOL I was so the same Alice, standing there looking at all the shades thinking "now which ones don't I want"

Thanks Yvette :)