Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Competition time - Name an eyeshadow

Hi Ladies

It's competition time again, and seeing as it's against Facebook rules to post comps there unless you have a third party app to do it, I'm going to post it here.

I have 2 colours up for naming this time.
Lets quickly run through the rules again. you must be either a member of my FB page ( if your commenting name is different to your FB name, please include that in your comment ) or a blog follower. Comp open to Australian residents only, unfortunately postage O/S is too expensive at this time. Everyone gets to make 2 suggestions for each colour, and the winners are drawn depending on which names simply suit the colours best.

Time to get your thinking caps on ladies!

The first is the metallic red plum from the CoastalScents duping DIY blog.

The second is the silver with gold shimmer that I added to FB a few days ago.
Comp closes at 9pm Sydney time on Monday the 16th may.

Get commenting below and Good luck :)


Suzanne said...

This looks awesome!

Red/plum shadow:
1. Lady MacBeth
2. Succubus

Silver shadow:
1. Major Tom
2. Mercurial

I follow you on GFC as Suzanne :P

scentsation1 said...

Red: Cherrypie, Vampire Kiss
Silver: Silver Lining
Gold Plated

stace1_ said...

Red Colour;
Molten Magma
Hot To Trot

Silver colour;
Blue Steel
Mercury Rising

teressak said...

red colour:
1. Sweet as Spice
2. Plumtastic

1. Fairy Dust
2. Moon Magic

stefaneigh said...

Red colour:
1. Rust of the earth
2. Burnt lava

Silver colour
2. Mystery-oh-metal

mail said...

Red Colour:

- Metallic Rust
- Red Seduction


- Moonlight
- Silver Mania

Nidhi said...

My name was not visible in the above comment so I am writing it again.
I am Nidhi gupta(goodylove_uonly@yahoo.com) on facebook

Red Colour:

- Metallic Rust
- Red Seduction


- Moonlight
- Silver Mania

lauzburger said...

1. Kiss of bliss
2. Atomic Plum

1. Cyber girl
2. Galaxy

Melissa said...

1. Red Fire
2.Silver moon