Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dior Cannage collection palette

On my recent trip away I came across the most gorgeous Dior palette that I had ever laid eyes on..... it was the Cannage collection palette, that comes housed in it's very own quilted look bag.  I just had to grab it even though I wasn't quite sure what they would retail for here in Australia, I felt like $71 USD was a pretty good buy though and I'm pleased to see that the exact same palette sells on EBay for between $100 to $150 AUD incl shipping, so with the exchange rate being so good I technically picked it up for slightly less than the $71 USD after the conversion.

The palette itself is approx the size of a medium sized purse and comes in the quilted zip up case that you can continue to use after you have finished with the products.  The product itself doesn't come in a standard palette inside the zip case, its more of a compartmented (????) case made out of shiny foil cardboard, that the products sit in with a clear plastic pop on lid to stop everything getting messy. See pics :)

There is one pale pink blush and One face powder which is actually the exact right shade for me :) bonus!!!

 6 eye shadows all shimmery or satin finish in plums, pinks, neutrals, blues and greys. Simple easy basic colours that are pretty universal for any eye colour.

A small fluffy face brush and a double ended sponge applicator, both have the Dior logo on them, and a mini Diorshow mascara and a oh so cute teeny tiny lipstick.

having never used any Dior makeup products I was hoping for them to live up to the prestigious Dior reputation and I have not been disappointed, the shadows are super soft, beautifully pigmented and are simply gorgeous colours that apply so easily and last hours and hours.  The blush is the same super quality as the shadows are and is a really pale baby pink which is almost verging on being a highlighter, with a more satiny finish to it.   The lipstick is teeny, about the length of my thumb... which is pretty small.  The Diorshow mascara I haven't actually used yet as I am planning on saving it as a a travel product, so I have managed to restrain myself from opening it and having it go off before I can use it ( note excellent self restraint this time )

Comparing the quality of this Dior palette to the quality of the regular MAC shadows I have, I can safely say for my skin and needs the Dior just blows MAC away... I see many more Dior makeup buys in my future :D

Do you have a favourite high end brand that you love to splurge on?

EDIT - hmmm the lipstick swatches seem to have disappeared, I'll update when I find them!

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