Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MUA (Make up academy) Immaculate Collection

Hi again Ladies, I'm going to keep continuing on with my MUA ( makeup academy ) palettes. The others of these Dusk til dawn and Pretty pastels can be found here and here.  Today it's The Immaculate Collection which is the 24 shade palette that was the freebie when you spent over 8 pounds that I referred to in my initial MUA post.

This is great palette, with the matte colours in shades 9, 23 and 23 being either chalky or hard to get good colour payoff from :(  but I kinda expect that from mattes in cheaper brands anyway.

This palettes main difference is that this time they included a numbering system on the back and while that's great it'd be nice to see an overall system with each palette, so that you could tell if you are doubling up on colours in other palettes..... but enough of the talk, blah, blah, blah, etc.... onto the pictures


top row, numbers 1 to 8

middle row numbers 9 to 16

bottom row, numbers 17 to 24

Was anyone else lucky to pick the Immaculate collection up as the recent freebie, and what do think of it?

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