Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MUA ( make up Academy ) Poptastic

Back again and totally on a MUA roll here.... well if I don't keep going I'll never get onto the next lot of blogs and products, so I'll just keep plodding along!

This time it's the Poptastic palette from MUA.  Now this time I didn't actually purchase it, during the MUA promo with the freebie of the Immaculate palette I was chatting on FB  with a good Friend Michelle of IndieAnna In Search of the Holy Grail, who was looking to take advantage of the promo as well, knowing her love of colour I pointed out Poptastic, and mentioned that I kinda wished I'd ordered that as well.  A few weeks later the potastic palette landed in my letterbox.  What a sweetheart, she'd gone ahead and ordered it for me and sent it off without telling me!  Many, many thanks!

Instead of raving about Mua palettes all over again, I'll just direct you straight to the MUA website and my Dusk till dawn, pretty pastels, and Immaculate collection reviews and swatches and move right onto the photos (my favourite part)


top row

bottom row
I've gotta say, I really love every colour in this palette, they all indulge my love of brights, plus how many neutrals do you really need anyway?

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