Monday, July 18, 2011

Sharing the Sleek love

Hi guys,

Thanks to a few of the members over at BeautyHeaven I recently discovered Sleek MakeUp and their Idivine palettes.... Now I know there's stacks of reviews and swatches out there for them, but I just adore the ones that I recently got my hands on so much that I just had to add my rave to the mix.

You can buy the palettes from Sleek MakeUp's website they range from $10 to $13 USD ( I think) and shipping is $13.50 capped for any amount of items I believe, however I purchased mine from EBay, because the seller was offering cheaper shipping than Sleek.

I now own 3 of the 12 colour palettes in, Chaos which is all mattes, Acid which is a mix of Neon's shimmers, and Mattes and Storm which is a mix of neutrals and deep colours in shimmers and mattes. I find they are all pretty easy to use with all the colours and finishes being soft in texture, as usual mattes are just that bit harder to work with, but sometimes the result is worth it to figure out the best way of using them.  The texture of the shimmers is much softer with quite a bit of flaking in the palette and a bit of fall out, but nothing a good primer first cant fix.  The colours are just amazing, bright and ultra shimmery really quite stunning for such inexpensive palette.

First up Chaos, this is the matte palette.

top row
bottom row
There's really no stunningly exceptional colours in this palette, but it is exactly what I was expecting and they are much easier to blend and use than other mattes.  The only colours I find truly hard to use in this palette are the white from the second row and the yellow from the top one.

Acid - this is the palette with the mix of Mattes, Neon's and shimmers.

top row

bottom row
If you like bright and aren't afraid to use it, then this is totally for you!  The neon's are super bright, the shimmers are outstanding and such Fab colours.  I have seen reviews saying the neon's are hard to use, but if you have on a good primer/base they are super easy ( at least I find them to be)  Standouts for me from this palette are the 2 blue shimmers from the top row, the silver shimmer from the bottom row.  The Neon green I'm soooo in love with as with the yellow and pink, I'm yet to use the orange in a way that I love, but that's all in the fun of experimenting.  Hardest to use in this palette again is the white.

Storm - Neutrals and Deep brights in shimmers and mattes

top row
bottom row
This palette has some just divine neutrals in the top row in shades of gold, pinky tones and browns, and the bottom row plays host to some stunning deep greys, greens and blues along with the sleek standard black
( which is quickly becoming my fave black of all time )  Standouts, gosh that's hard I love almost every colour in this palette, and nothing is a disappointment!

Sleek palettes do not disappoint and are well worth looking into.
 Have you tried Sleek MakeUp and what is you're favourite item?
( edit - these were all swatched over NYX eyeshadow base in natural )


Chrissy said...

I'm falling in love with Sleek now.
Used storm today. Love it. You should do a comparison with the UD Naked palette. There are some close colours for some.. and to be honest, I think the storm palette has a really great variety for all sorts of daily looks.

I did a quick comparison of some Storm colours to the UD Naked Palete, but I'm not a very good swatcher and my camera isnt that great for swatching. Would love to see your comparsion :)

RitualEyes said...

I could do that, I still have the UD pictures around somewhere to do a comparison blog. I really, really love the colours in the storm palette, i think it's brilliant value.