Friday, July 1, 2011

Estee Lauder staff shop - Mac haul

A few weeks back I hit the Estee Lauder Staff shop in Sydney with my Make-up obsessed Gal Pals and posted some pictures of the resulting Haul... man that trip was fun :D Thanks girls!

Now that I'm back to reality after a quick trip up to Brisbane to celebrate (or not) my 20th high school reunion, it's time to do some more swatching and reviews.  I figured I'd just lump all the MAC from that day into one giant swatch fest.  I guess some of these items were probably limited edition MAC collections, but MAC also has a reputation for using some new colours and some re-promotes in their collections so I kind of figured that some of these swatches may be valid for people looking for images of certain colours.

First up I have the Tartan Tale Warm thrillseekers set, Tartan tale was definitely a limited edition collection but I'm unsure if the shades in it were limited or not.  I wont bother with images of the tartan box it came in seeing as you probably can't get it anymore anyway.  The set contained 5 mini sized pigments each holding 2.5 gms of product, which to me looks to be similar to the sizes of the NYX pearls pots without hunting them down to check.
The colours in this set are
Gilded Green - cool medium toned green
Most Darling - semi matte, not as shimmery as the others, almost milk chocolate brown
Gold Mode -mid toned shimmery golden brown, almost a shimmer version of Most darling
Gifts O' Glamour - Medium shimmery antiqued rose pink ( very pretty)
Reflects Bronze - this is one of the straight eye safe glitter pigments, personally I wouldn't waste my money buying MAC for those just about any brand has straight glitters at half the price, plus be warned you'll need a super sticky base for these to work on the eyes

Gilded green, most darling, gold mode, gifts o glamour and Reflects bronze
Next up we have the Mystic cool eyeshadow set, this is in a mini palette which is just a bit bigger than credit card sized and has a mini eye brush as well so super handy for travelling or handbags.  I'm unsure which collection this came from but if anyone knows feel free to tell me and I'll add it in.

The colours in this set are in order, top row - left to right
Cool Enchantment (Frost) this is an intriguing colour, while it looks nude, it has a great gold tone to it, but when it hits sunlight it almost has a cool grayish blue undertone as well, very interesting!,
Blue enchantment - (satin) mid toned turquoise blue
Deep secret - ( frost) deep blackish blue
SHHH don't tell - (satin) pale pinkish nude
Rose potion - ( Veluxe pearl) mid to pale rose pink
Violet vow - ( satin ) dark pinky / purpley taupe tone

Cool Incantation, Blue enchantment, deep secret, Shhh don't tell, Rose potion and Violet Vow
I find these really hard to use the colours just aren't vibrant enough for me and feel kind of muted on, they certainly don't have the Va-Voom MAC pigments do.

Next the Devil May dare palette from the same collection as the one above, and it has the same issues with colour and intensity.
Oh my Darling - ( frost) true pale nude tone
Dare Ya - ( veluxe pearl) pale nude pink
Sorcery - (satin) deep rosey purple
Gold tease - ( frost) shimmery bronzey gold
Prankster - ( veluxe pearl) cool toned olive green
Devilishly dark - ( frost) shimmery brown with gold highlights

Oh my darling, Dare Ya, Sorcery, gold tease, Prankster, Devilishly Dark

Then last but not least a super pretty mineralize blush in Rhapsody in Two. It's a gorgeous golden peach shade  This is one of the blushes that has the 2 colours swirled but separated in the pan, one colour is a pale pink and the other is a pale gold.  On my skin it can't be called a blush as it doesn't give enough colour but is a super pretty highlighter shade. I should imagine gals with paler skin tones might be able to use this more as a blush as it's intended to be.

pink on its own, gold on its own, the colours mixed
 Do I have any stand out fav's from that lot? Hmmmmm lets see the pigments as always are great and the Rhapsody in two blush is just so pretty!  What about you doe you see anything lust worthy in those swatches?


D.Sadie said...

Wow, great haul! I really love the pigments. Great swatches. I can't wait to see what looks you come up with these new goodies.

Su said...

Loving the look of those pigments! The blush is too pretty :)
Rose portion in that first palette is my favourite shade. It is so pretty and so versatile :)

RitualEyes said...

:D thanks i really wanted to love those mini MAC palettes, but they just don't have the intensity that I like in a shadow.